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eCommerce Platform Founders Discuss eCommerce Trends

Today’s blog is a video i discovered thanks to MultiChannel Merchant, where their Senior Content Manager, Tim Parry talks to CommerceV3 founders Nathan Focht and Blake Ellis about recent eCommerce trends, and some changes that have been made in the last five years.  In this video, they discuss eCommerce site usability, homepage issues, mobile issues and much more.


These issues they bring up, whether it be usability, eCommerce Site Search problems, issues with mobile, homepage issues, content issues, whatever they may be, we at EasyAsk can help make sure your website does its job to the best of its abilities.  Let us show you how.  Visit our website or give us a call at 781-402-5641.


Understanding Shopping Cart Abandonment and How To React

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most popular occurrences when it comes to eCommerce.  Nearly 72 percent of eCommerce shoppers add items to their cart but never complete their purchase.  In this second part of a two-part infographic created by SeeWhy, you’ll see how the behavior of eCommerce shoppers, whether they be new shoppers or returning customers.

















































Ninety-nine percent of new customers will not buy from your eCommerce site on their first visit.  Of those new customers who abandon their cart, one quarter of them will not return.  The percentage of returning customers who abandon their shopping cart is about 50-50 on who returns to buy and who does not.  The average time delay between a customers first visit and them buying from your site is about 20 minutes.  And 72 percent of visitors will make a purchase in the first 12 hours.  As far as understanding cart abandonment in a 28-day period, one-time abandoners have an 18 percent chance of making a purchase, serial abandoners have a 48 percent chance of making a purchase, and Recent Goal Abandoners (meaning they’ve already made a purchase before) have a 57 percent chance of making a purchase.  Abandonment rates are higher among those with lower totals in their shopping cart.

This is just more fuel for you, the eCommerce Merchant, to use in your defense against shopping cart abandonment.  The more you know, the more you can do to help increase your conversion rates and average order sizes.  To learn more about what else you can do to increase your conversion rates and average order sizes, visit our website or give us a call at 781-402-5641.


Shopping Cart Optimization Tips to Help Turn Shoppers into Buyers

This week’s infographic brings tips on your shopping cart for your eCommerce Site.  The shopping cart, being the final step in the conversion from window-shopper to buyer, doesn’t ever really make the sale, but it sure can brake it.  To avoid losing the sale in the final steps, take heed to this infographic by Demac Media.
































The most commonly used ideas for the Shopping Cart are:

No more than 5 pages to complete the check-out process. The sweet spot for input fields is between 21-28. Prominent features to use are multiple shipping options, express check-out, guest check-out, gift cards, and promo codes/coupons. Go with the standard of white background and black text for the majority of it, but adding some color for flare helps when it’s in the correct place. And the use of smarter technology helps to determine what credit card is used based on the first four numbers, and can automatically fill in city, state and country based on the zip code.

These are just a few tips to help convert your shoppers to buyers in the final stages of the sale process. To see what else EasyAsk can do to help convert your shoppers into buyers, visit our website or call us at 781-402-5641.


eCommerce Numbers Expected to Jump to $370 billion by 2017. Are You Getting Your Fair Share?

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 5.46.43 PMAccording to a report by Forrester, eCommerce spending will increase over 13 percent from last year, raising the expected total to $262 billion. That’s 31 billion more than 2012.  And it will continue to increase exponentially as they predict that total to be $370 billion by 2017.

Forrester has an earlier report that expects B2B eCommerce to reach $559 billion in US sales by the end of 2013.

These are some serious numbers, numbers you do not want to miss out on as an eCommerce Retailer.  To make sure you are getting the most out of your eCommerce Site, you want to make sure your visitors can find what they’re looking for, fast. It all starts with intelligent eCommerce Site Search.

That’s where EasyAsk comes in.

Because our Natural Language technology uses smarter algorithms than Keyword technology, our search box is the smartest in the business, understanding your customer’s intent as well as the full context of the search request.  This enables our search box to bring back the right product on the first page, which gives your customer’s the confidence they need to continue searching on your site, increase their order sizes and spend more money on your eCommerce Site as opposed to your competitors.

But you need more than just a smarter eCommerce Site Search, you also need a user-friendly, smarter Merchandising store.  One that allows to you take control of your eCommerce Site and gives you the freedom to make changes whenever and however you want.  Thanks again to our Natural Language technology, we give you just that.

With EasyAsk we put the power in the hands of the merchandisers, allowing you to create cross-sells and up-sells in minutes, as well as adding new brands, navigational categories, promotion banners, the works.  All of these things that used to take hours or days as you wait for the IT people to code it, now take minutes, with no coding necessary because it’s all done in plain English.

To see how you can take better advantage of the eCommerce sales boom, visit our website or give us a call at 781-402-5641 and Search Naturally.


How Videos on Your Site Help Increase Conversion Rates

Today we are presenting an infographic from Invodo on Video Statistics.



Consumers watch a product video 60 percent of the time.  Also, 60 percent of consumers say they will watch at least 2 minutes of a video.  Over half say that watching a product video gives them more confidence in purchasing.  Since we are all headed towards mobile, it’s good to know that people on mobile devices are 3 times as likely to watch a video as compared to those on a desktop or laptop.  Here’s the big one, shoppers who view a product video are 174 percent more likely to purchase products.  Almost 40 percent of consumers say a video increases their likelihood of purchasing via mobile device.  And finally, 76 percent of marketers plan to add video to their eCommerce Sites.

This infographic clearly shows how much adding videos to your eCommerce Site can help increase conversion rates.  But videos cannot do it alone, you need a great eCommerce Site Search, Navigation and Merchandising software, especially one that understands your customer’s intent, whether it be to see a video or view a product. We at EasyAsk can help.  Come see how.  Visit our website, or give us a call at 781-402-5641.


Video Discussing Tablet and Mobile Commerce Affecting the eCommerce Experience

Sticking with the mobile trend that has recently taken over our blog, here is a video I found on MultiChannelMerchant where they speak with Danielle Savin from Lyons Consulting Group on the effects Tablet and Mobile have on the total eCommerce experience.




Following Up On the Importance of M-Commerce

Over the last few weeks we’ve had a few different blogs on the importance of having a mobile site.  We’ve showed infographics, as well as links to other blogs hammering home its rising popularity over the past year or so.  This particular blog is to explain what sets EasyAsk apart when it comes to M-Commerce capabilities.

Along with the rise of M-Commerce comes the demand to make your sites more accessible to mobile users, and it is in this demand where EasyAsk shines. By understanding your customer’s intent and context of their search request, EasyAsk returns the RIGHT product on the FIRST page, EVERY time.  And with a smarter eCommerce Site Search, your customers are given the ability to speak or type their requests into their smart phones or tablets.  Yes I said speak.  All of our electronics are moving toward responding to voice (cars, televisions, and of course cellphones), and with a SMARTER search engine, your customers won’t have to DUMB down their requests.

But what if you’re firing blanks?

The need for a smarter eCommerce Site Search is never more apparent than on a mobile site.  With screen real estate at a minimum, your search box is your most potent weapon.  By having a search box that runs on out-dated Keyword Search algorithms, you are doing a disservice to your customers and to your bottom-line.  Keyword Search has limitations and struggles with the simplest of searches, let alone long-tail searches that describe what you actually want.  EasyAsk, running on a Natural Language engine, allows your mobile customers to search the way people searched before the internet, BY ASKING FOR WHAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR.

The Natural Language algorithms are smarter, the dictionary more insightful, and the results are simply better.


EasyAsk customer, Travers Tool Company, recently launched a new mobile commerce site. The mobile optimized site presents the search engine, category structure and products in a more friendly way for the smaller screen real estate of mobile devices.  Unlike searching on your laptop or desktop, smart phone and tablet screen size (or lack there of) diminishes your navigational tools effectiveness.  There’s just not enough room.  But there is plenty of room for a search box, and Travers has taken full advantage of it.

To see how you can take advantage of a smarter mobile site, visit our website or give us a call at 781-402-5641.


5 Ways to Increase eCommerce Revenue and Grow Conversions

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 6.01.48 PM









The online retail market is expected to reach nearly $249 billion by 2014 according to Forrester Research. For companies that want to get their piece of this huge pie (or even larger share), e-commerce search, navigation and merchandising play a critical role.

This white paper will discuss:

* Why Shoppers Typically Jump Sites
* Effective Search, Navigation & Merchandising Strategies
* How Natural Language Site Search Can Help Increase Conversions

Complete the form to download 5 Ways to Increase eCommerce Revenue and Grow Conversions Today!


More Proof That Mobile is Changing eCommerce… Is Your Site Ready?

Mobile Commerce is the future (and it seems now present) of eCommerce.  This Infographic by KISSMetrics sums up just how important Mobile Commerce really is.



It is predicted that mobile phones will surpass desktop computers as the most commonly used devices to access eCommerce Sites this year.

People are a little more patient with their smartphones and tablets as they are willing to wait 5 seconds for a page to load, versus 3 seconds on their computer.

It seems that for tablet users, it’s the Apple iPad…. and then everyone else. That also seems true for smartphone users.

What you should take away is this: Mobile is changing the game, and if you do not have a mobile site with a smart eCommerce Site Search, then you’re going to lose out on the millions of dollars coming through via smartphone or tablet.  We at EasyAsk have the perfect solution, a Search, Navigation and Merchandising option that is smarter, and understands the way your customers think and search.

To see a demonstration of just how we can accomplish this, visit our website or contact us at 781-402-5641.  And to see an example of what we’ve already done for our customer Travers Tools, visit their site and check out our blog on Travers mobile site here.

This has been another helpful tip brought to you by your friendly, neighborhood EasyAsk.

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