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EasyAsk Brings IBM Watson-like Natural Language Search and Commerce to Facebook

EasyAsk eCommerce Facebook Edition Allows E-Retailers to Fully Merchandise and Sell Directly Inside Facebook

INTERNET RETAILER CONFERENCE AND EXPO, SAN DIEGO, CA—June 14, 2011—EasyAsk today announced at the Internet Retailer Conference Expo, EasyAsk eCommerce Facebook Edition, a new version of the company’s ground-breaking natural language e-commerce software integrated with Facebook, the world’s leading social media site. The new product brings the industry-leading customer conversion power of EasyAsk eCommerce Edition to Facebook, allowing Facebook users to search and purchase products without having to leave the friendly confines of Facebook.

With over 150 million users in the U.S. and 500 million worldwide, Facebook has tremendous potential for e-retailers. Earlier e-commerce solutions forced users to leave Facebook when they wanted to shop, resulting in low conversion rates, leaving e-retailers asking “How do we monetize our Facebook initiatives?”

The answer is EasyAsk eCommerce Facebook Edition, providing e-retailers an integrated solution to merchandise and sell products directly inside Facebook. It uses EasyAsk’s industry-leading natural language search, navigation and merchandising functionality to provide a superior shopping experience. EasyAsk also integrates with the e-retailer’s back-end e-commerce services, such as shopping carts to speed customer purchases. The entire solution resides inside Facebook, giving users the comfort and speed of shopping within Facebook environment.

“The proven customer conversion power of EasyAsk will help e-retailers truly monetize their Facebook initiatives,” said Craig Bassin, CEO at EasyAsk. “With this solution, EasyAsk stands alone as the only e-commerce search provider with a single integrated solution that covers e-commerce, mobile, Facebook and the cloud. EasyAsk delivers the most functionality on the market at a price point affordable to any size e-retailer.”

With EasyAsk eCommerce Facebook Edition, e-retailers can:

  • Deliver a fully featured, customized e-commerce search, merchandising and e-commerce site within Facebook,
  • Offer rich natural language search that delivers the right products on the first page to customers within their Facebook site,
  • Use rich search analytics to optimize the experience and help merchandisers be more effective inside their Facebook site,
  • Deliver promotions, cross-sell and up-sell offers, carve-outs and banner ads that are unique to Facebook and consistent across channels.

For more information on EasyAsk eCommerce Facebook Edition please visit the EasyAsk website at:

About EasyAsk

EasyAsk is radically changing the speed and ease of how people find information through the company’s ground-breaking natural language search and query software. EasyAsk software products go far beyond traditional search, allowing users to simply ask questions in plain English and receive highly tuned results on demand. The EasyAsk eCommerce Edition uses this unique technology to deliver an industry leading website search, navigation and merchandising solutions that boosts online revenue through increased conversion rates, better customer experience and agile merchandising.

Based in Burlington, Massachusetts, EasyAsk has long been a leader in natural language information analysis and delivery software. Customers such as Gap, Coldwater Creek, Hewlett Packard, Lands End, Lillian Vernon, Aramark, BASF, Talbots, Nedbank, BNP Paribas, TruValue, Siemens, Hartford Hospital, Ceridian, JoAnn Fabrics and Harbor Freight Tools rely on the EasyAsk software products to run their business and e-commerce operations daily. For more information, please visit EasyAsk.

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