Natural Language Search

Natural Language Search is EasyAsk’s secret sauce in our recipe for success. Our engine has the cognitive ability to interpret what your customer wants, no matter how it is phrased or spelled, and returns only the most relevant products.

B2C Commerce

EasyAsk eCommerce Site Search is the most intuitive in the industry, providing you with the most intelligent search that understands the shoppers intent and context of their search request. Along with search, EasyAsk provides merchandising tools that are designed for Merchandisers and not I.T. people. EasyAsk B2C sets the bar in terms of Search and Navigation, as well as user-friendly UX and UI.

B2B Commerceb2b_square

B2B demands the same flexibility and UI as B2C but with its own specific challenges. EasyAsk offers the only merchandising tool designed exclusively for the rigors and challenges of B2B. Part number expander, large scale indexing and customer-centric search are just a few features that make EasyAsk a standout.


Mobile Commerce

Voice driven searches on Smartphones and tablets are gaining popularity daily. Our Natural Language engine is able to truly understand the way a user speaks. Delivering optimized search, navigation and merchandising across all eCommerce channels keeps your customers coming back for more.

Concierge Service

EasyAsk’s Concierge Service is a relationship between EasyAsk and its premier clients that offers focused feedback, insight and hands-on support. This personalized service provides resources dedicated to you and your business. Based on our expertise across other websites, we will help recognize inefficiencies on your site and make improvements to deliver state-of-the-art search and merchandising to your shoppers.

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It doesn’t matter what eCommerce platform you are running today. Incorporating EasyAsk into your current environment is easy. No rip and replace necessary. Whether you’re on IBM WebSphere, Magento, hybris, NetSuite or Infor, let us show you how EasyAsk will drastically boost your sales per search and your conversion rate.



eCommerce has no borders, allowing e-retailers to reach customers on a global scale. EasyAsk enables you to roll out search, navigation and merchandising across multiple local language sites as if they were one, gaining you cost efficiencies and expanding your reach globally.

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