EasyAsk for NetSuite delivers enterprise-class website search, navigation and merchandising software in an affordable, integrated package for your NetSuite Suite Commerce website. With EasyAsk, you’ll have access to easy-to-use merchandising tools to create promotion, cross-sell and up-sell rules. More importantly, customers will find what they’re looking for faster, buy more and buy with you more often, leading to an increase in your e-commerce revenue.

Better Search Via Natural Language

EasyAsk’s natural language engine powers a far superior search experience for NetSuite sites. It enables customers to use their own words when searching for products, rather than having to figure out how your products are tagged and categorized.

Through its’ semantic understanding of search questions, EasyAsk delivers pinpoint search results and highly targeted offers. With EasyAsk natural language search customers enter phrases describing exactly what they’re looking for – “red sleeveless dresses under $50” – and EasyAsk delivers the right results, the first time.

It also provides superior spell-checking, more effective navigation and semantic understanding to eliminate the “no results” page that drives your visitor to call you for help or jump to a competitor’s website to make their purchase.

Flexible Merchandising

The EasyAsk natural language engine allows merchandisers to easily create targeted offer and promotion rules in plain English.  Merchandisers can manage promotions on their own and rapidly adjust to shifting markets and consumer demands.

Suite Commerce Integration

EasyAsk for NetSuite provides a unique integration with the NetSuite Suite Commerce environment that speeds deployment. It connects via the SuiteCloud web services APIs to integrate the NetSuite Suite Commerce item catalog. This enables rapid consumption of this information to build the search d merchandising dictionary and index, reducing deployment times with EasyAsk to days versus the weeks or months typically required for site search.

Additionally, search engine connectivity and results are directly integrated with the NetSuite Suite Commerce front-end, maintaining consistent URLs and eliminating sub-domains, to provide a high degree of search engine optimization (SEO).

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

EasyAsk SaaS is deployed and operated in a Software-as-a-Service model to which NetSuite customers are accustomed. This provides a cost-effective environment that requires no IT resources. Customer instances can be provisioned and deployed quickly for rapid time to value.

Key Capabilities

  • Increased Conversion Rates
    The natural language technology of EasyAsk enables customers to find products faster and easier within NetSuite Suite Commerce sites, leading to higher sales conversion rates.
  • Increased Wallet-Share
    EasyAsk drives more compelling and timely cross-sell and up-sell offers in NetSuite Ecommerce to increase add-on sales and overall purchase value.
  • Agile Merchandising
    The easy-to-use EasyAsk merchandising tools allow NetSuite Suite Commerce business users to rapidly add or adjust offers and strategies in the changing marketplace.
  • Superior Integration
    The integration of EasyAsk with NetSuite enables better Search Engine Optimization and faster deployment than typical 3rd party search solutions.
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
    The EasyAsk SaaS delivery model enables fast, easy implementation, and requires no ongoing IT costs.
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