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Improving Mobile Commerce Conversion Rates

The mobile commerce revolution is here now! According to Goldman Sachs, global mobile commerce sales will reach $626 billion by 2018, growing nearly 5 fold from 2013, equaling web-based e-commerce sales by 2018.

Conversion rates for mobile commerce on smartphones is only one-third the rate on traditional desktops. While many e-commerce firms have launched mobile sites that are well designed for the display aspects of the device, they lack additional usability features for a truly engaging mobile shopping experience.

To gain competitive advantage and improve customer conversion, mobile commerce sites can take advantage of mobile search powered by voice and natural language to deliver a more engaging mobile shopping experience. Watch our video to see how EasyAsk gives your customers the freedom of speech to purchase faster and more often.




Natural Language Search Explained Video

Natural language is a term that can mean different things to different people. In the context of e-commerce search, it means allowing a customer to search like they are having a conversation with the e-commerce site – the visitor asks in detail for what they want and they get back exactly those products.

It takes an extremely intelligence site search engine to have a “conversation” with a visitor. While some e-commerce search vendors say the have “smarter search”, if they cannot support natural language, then how smart are they really?

In this video, we explain how a natural language e-commerce search engine works and what makes it different. With search accounting for anywhere from 40 to 80% of your sales, a natural language search engine can have a huge impact on your online revenue.



EasyAsk E-Commerce Voice Search

EasyAsk e-commerce search is the only site search solution that can give you full voice-enabled conversational search from smartphones and tablets. Please watch this demo video to see this unique capability that will transform your mobile customer experience.




Delivering the Best Search, Navigation and Merchandising Experience

In this video, Ben Rudnick, e-commerce expert, explains how to use EasyAsk to deliver the best search and navigation experience on your site, and to allow your merchansisers to optimally promote products on the site.


Using Product Concepts to Enhance Search Flexibility

Product Concepts allow your users to search in a variety of ways – using their own words, industry jargon or other terms that better describe how the product can be used. Product Concepts increase the search and navigation flexibility on your site and make it easier for customers to find products.

Please watch this video to learn more about using Product Concepts in your search environment and the positive impact it will have on the customer experience on your site.


Search-as-you-Type transforms your search box into a sales box


Auto-complete and search suggestions were interesting add-ons to help enhance your e-commerce search box.  But Search-as-you-Type (SayT) completely revolutionizes how your search box works and turns it into a “sales box” that converts visitors into customers so fast, it will make your head spin.

Watch this short video (1 minute) to see how Search-as-you-Type delivers this customer conversion machine to your e-commerce sites.



E-Commerce Money Saver: Automatic Spell Correction

The last thing any visitor wants to see when they perform a search on an e-commerce Site is a page that says “No Results”. Misspellings and using different tenses is a very common occurrence by e-commerce shoppers, which on your average site will produce a No Results page.

To make your site tolerant of misspellings and the like, you have two options: Either manually enter all the various misspellings and whatnot into your search engine, which will take you God-knows-how-long… Or, the better approach, use an e-commerce search engine that offers Automatic Spell Correction and stemming against terms in your product catalog.

This gives you out-of-the-box tolerance of these visitor errors, enabling them to find the right products and keeping them on your site as opposed to going to your competitors.

This short video demonstrates EasyAsk’s automatic spell correction, on customer site Coldwater Creek. This tool, among others, helps e-commerce companies save time and money as well as increase customer conversion rates.

Ready to see how EasyAsk's eCommerce solution can help you? Request a demo!
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