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Search and E-Commerce SEO

We often need to educate people on the strong link (no pun intended!) between eCommerce Site Search and SEO. And it is bit disheartening to see the lack of general education in the market on this subject.

Many companies spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to optimize their SEO and adwords spend each year. Yet, if you are using the right e-commerce search engine, many of the answers you need to optimized SEO and adwords might be sitting right in front of you… for free!

The searches customers perform on your site, specifically, the long tail searches, can provide vital information about how customers want to find you on the internet search engines. These searches give you exact places where you can tune your SEO and Adwords to promote these products and give you a leg up on your competition – customers find you and these products faster.

Of course, a critical piece of this is an e-commerce site search engine that delivers accurate long tail searches and offering ways to tune links for optimal SEO. Natural language is the best at delivering long tail, descriptive searches. Also, the e-commerce search engine needs to offer fast, easy to use analytics (you don’t want to be trolling through logs!).

Make these two capabilities a distinctive part of your e-commerce strategy to deliver better SEO and a better customer experience.

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