EasyAsk gives you the customer-conversion power of EasyAsk natural language for your Magento eCommerce site. With EasyAsk, visitors will find products faster and quickly be converted from shoppers to buyers, which will increase your customer conversion rates, order sizes and overall eCommerce revenue. We guarantee your conversion rates will increase with EasyAsk.

How does EasyAsk do it? The secret is the Artificial Intelligence built in the natural language technology core inside of the EasyAsk solution. EasyAsk’s natural language engine gives your Magento site:

    • Natural language search integrated directly with the Magento product catalog and attributes, allowing customers to find products faster using long-tail, descriptive searches
    • Advanced visual Search-as-you-Type (SayT) auto-suggestion that displays product, search and category suggestions to convert customers directly from the search box
    • Seamless integration into the Magento site display with no API programming for rapid implementation and easy change
    • A dynamic navigation plug-in that supports the selection of multiple attributes for faster navigation to products by visitors
    • Support for “derived attributes” that allow you to create new categories and attributes from existing ones without the time and cost of restructuring your Magento catalog
    • An easy to use merchandising studio that allows merchandisers to define and rollout promotions without IT support, speeding time to market and reducing IT costs
    • Full internationalization and localization which enables the simultaneous rollout on sites in different languages and countries

In addition, EasyAsk enhances the performance of Magento sites through high-speed indexing and more efficient servers, which delivers a better customer experience as well as saving the customer money. By offloading the search and navigation load to EasyAsk, customers report seeing a marked improvement in the performance of their Magento sites.

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