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EasyAsk for Magento Datasheet

Magento is the fastest growing eCommerce platform on the market, with features that make it easy to build and deploy eCommerce sites, as well as manage e-commerce operations.

While Magento provides a great e-commerce platform, there are areas where functionality is lacking, including: poor keyword search, simplistic navigation and hard-configured product merchandising relationship. This lack of functionality can create a poor customer experience that impacts online revenue and higher catalog maintenance costs.

EasyAsk will significantly enhance your site search, navigation and merchandising on your Magento site. With EasyAsk on top of your Magento e-commerce site visitors will quickly be converted from shoppers to buyers, which will increase your customer conversion rates, order sizes and online revenue.


EasyAsk Mobile Commerce Datasheet

With mobile commerce on the rise, e-retailers are looking for unique ways to differentiate themselves in this new market. EasyAsk voice-enabled natural language mobile search provides that differentiation, allowing customers to find products by speaking with their mobile device and interact with visitors in the new responsive designs mobile sites require.

Learn more about EasyAsk for Mobile Commerce by downloading the product datasheet.


EasyAsk E-Commerce Search Datasheet

Keeping your site easy to search and navigate and making it well merchandised is critical to bettering your conversion rates. Customers using EasyAsk have the highest sales conversion rates in the industry (as measured by Nielsen NetRatings) and have dramatically increased their e-commerce revenues due to the superior search, navigation and merchandising that the EasyAsk software delivers.

The EasyAsk search solution goes far beyond traditional site search, delivering unprecedented accuracy and precision to deliver the products customers on the first page every time. EasyAsk allows allows buyers to enter highly descriptive searches to find products faster and enables merchandisers to create highly targeted offers and promotions to sell more products.

Download the EasyAsk E-Commerce Search datasheet to learn more.

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