Hybris Software, an SAP Company, is the fastest growing major commerce company with a compound annual growth rate of 83% since 2009. Over 500 customers are using the Hybris commerce platform including some of the most recognized companies in the world: consumer brands, global B2B brands, telcos, and digital goods and content companies in software, games, media and publishing.

EasyAsk for Hybris will deliver best-in-class semantic Natural Language search, navigation and merchandising services into Hybris e-commerce sites.  EasyAsk for Hybris enables significant increases in e-commerce revenue, customer conversion and business efficiency, and gives customers the following capabilities and benefits:

  • Rich natural language search that allow customers to find products faster using long-tail, descriptive searches (“men’s large blue polo shirts under $50″) or even voice input from smartphones and tablets.
  • The ability to create natural language “product concepts” which allow customer to search their own way using terms not necessarily in the product catalog.
  • Support for “derived attributes” that allow you to create new categories and attributes from existing product information without the time and cost of restructuring your product catalog.
  • Actionable analytics that allow online merchandisers to identify new merchandising opportunities and make changes to the customer experience in a single click.
  • An easy to use merchandising studio that allows merchandisers to self-manage promotions and dynamically identify cross-sell, up-sell and other product relationships for real-time promotions.
  • Full internationalization and localization which enables the simultaneous rollout of search, navigation and merchandising on sites in different languages and countries including English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish & Portuguese.

EasyAsk for Hybris can be deployed on-premise or in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. This provides the ultimate flexibility for Hybris customers who can implement an EasyAsk solution on-site near their Hybris server(s) for first hand control or off-load the IT costs by deploying in EasyAsk’s reliable, secure SaaS environment.

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