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A recent study by the Baymard Institute, an independent web research institute with a focus on e-commerce usability and optimization, found that many of the top 50 U.S. e-commerce sites are lacking essential e-commerce search capabilities which is hindering current online sales.  EasyAsk, the leader in e-commerce and mobile search, is making freely available two unique reports:

  • an excerpt from the Baymard Insitute report Deconstructing E-commerce Search – The 12 Query Types
  • the EasyAsk white paper, Improving E-Commerce Search to Meet the Needs of the Modern Shopper.

To receive your free copy of these informative reports, please click the download button below.



Using Responsive Design and Search to Increase Web and Mobile E-Commerce Sales

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is the best option for retailers and brands that want to optimize how they engage with customers across all digital touch points – web and mobile. By delivering sites from a single design that adapts to mobile devices and web browsers, responsive design provides the optimized experience without the expense of managing different code bases and sites.

In RWD, search, navigation and merchandising play an ever important role. Search is the most dominant interface on mobile devices, making your use of a search interface in a RWD the most critical aspect of your mobile site. Voice-enabled natural language mobile search within a RWD can eliminate many of the display limitations of mobile devices and convert customer faster. Display limitations also necessitate an optimized approach for navigation, merchandising and promotions.

Watch this pre-recorded webinar to learn key insights on responsive web design, e-commerce and mobile search from our team of experts .




Increase Online Revenue with Natural Language Search and Merchandising

If your site is easy to search and navigate, consumers can find their exact products faster, will shop more often with you and buy more products. If your online marketing team can easily and continuously tune offers and promotions, it will increase wallet-share.  The end result – increased revenues and happier customers! Search, Navigation and Merchandising are the most critical components to effective, profitable online retailing.

To date, comprehensive search and merchandising has only been a tool for only the largest e-retailers due to the high cost and complexity of solutions.  Now, easy to implement, operate and tune natural language search products bring superior search, navigation and merchandising to online commerce firms of all sizes.

Watch this previously aired webinar hosted by EasyAsk with online retailer Travers Tools to see the impact of comprehensive search and merchandising for online retailers.



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5 Ways to Increase eCommerce Revenue and Grow Conversions

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The online retail market is expected to reach nearly $249 billion by 2014 according to Forrester Research. For companies that want to get their piece of this huge pie (or even larger share), e-commerce search, navigation and merchandising play a critical role.

This white paper will discuss:

* Why Shoppers Typically Jump Sites
* Effective Search, Navigation & Merchandising Strategies
* How Natural Language Site Search Can Help Increase Conversions

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ABCs of eCommerce Search

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Time and again, industry reports have proven that eCommerce site search, navigation, and merchandising are make or break technology for your eCommerce revenue and operations. Survey data shows the potentially strong downside of poor site search:

  • 85% of site searches don’t return what the user sought
  • 22% of searches return no results
  • 80% of visitors will abandon if the search is poor

Poor site search leads to lost visitors, poor conversion rates and lower e-commerce revenue.

On the other hand, an investment in “Best In Class” e-commerce and merchandising is easy to justify.

  • For a smaller retailer with 10,000 visitors per day and an average order size of $50, a conversion rate increase from 4% to 6% can mean an increase in annual revenue of $3.6 million.
  • For a large retailer with 100,000 visitors a day and average purchase price of $120, a conversion rate increase from 4% to 6% can mean an increase of $87 million a year.

This white paper is a guide to the essential eCommerce site search features necessary for increasing conversion rates from search over 800%.  Other companies are achieving these results. You can too!

Click here to download the paper


EasyAsk FAQ for Google Commerce Search Customers


How does EasyAsk compare to Google Commerce Search?

GCS Comparison Chart











What is EasyAsk?

EasyAsk is a site search, navigation and merchandising solution for e-retail, mobile commerce and B2B commerce sites. Powered by EasyAsk’s Natural Language and Semantic processor and high speed pre-index, EasyAsk is a fast flexible, and easy option for e-commerce Search. See transparently what is happening within the search engine as it automagically understands shopper intent with Natural Language. Consider “warm yellow jackets” vs “warm weather yellow jackets.” Take full control of the search engines in various ways, synonyms, spelling, semantic relevancy, targeted promotions and much more.

How long does EasyAsk take to deploy?

Time to deploy depends on the size and complexity of your online store. As a hosted solution with no hardware or onsite deployment requirements, EasyAsk can be implemented very quickly.

How do I put EasyAsk results on my site?

  • Sign up for EasyAsk eCommerce Editon
  • Upload your product files (manually or via APIs)
  • Plug-in the EasyAsk APIs  (or use one of our e-commerce Platform connectors)

How do I sign up for EasyAsk?

Visit the Products page to learn more or go to the contact page to reach a sales representative about this program.

What are the different customization options available?

EasyAsk is fully customizable. Through the Commerce Studio you can tailor the search experience exactly to your needs. Control term definitions, synonyms, redirects and landing pages; create facets and manage their order; tune the ranking system to your needs; specify product promotions; tie these and more merchandising changes to a sale or other event. Change the look and feel of your search engine and results page, use it with your mobile apps, customer service or integrate results into many other applications with the XML API.

When is EasyAsk 12.0 available? Do I have to do anything special to get it?

EasyAsk 12.0 is available immediately for all our customers. As a hosted offering in the cloud, product updates are rolled out automatically; as such, existing customers will automatically receive the new features and all new customers to EasyAsk eCommerce Edition will automatically be on the 12.0 platform. For sites running the EasyAsk installed on their own servers, all upgrades are included – please contact [email protected] for download instructions.

What is new in EasyAsk 12.0?

EasyAsk 12.0 drives conversion and improves customer experience. It helps shoppers find items easily, quickly and interactively, from anywhere and from any device. It also provides sites with more control and total transparency into what is being searched.

  • Search Engine Optimization – the new search site map generator provides integration with internet search engines to optimize the exposure and ranking of products in consumer searches.
  • Search As You Type – EasyAsk can now automatically provide intelligence suggestions to visitors as they type searches in the search box.  Suggestions are based on the rich site history and analytics maintained by EasyAsk.
  • Product Variants/SKU Level Processing – EasyAsk now supports product and SKU level relationships, allowing hierarchical and matrix product and SKU search results to be optimally managed and displayed in e-commerce sites. Show the yellow images for a search on “yellow jackets”.
  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce integration – integration with NetSuite SuiteCommerce including automated item catalog extraction via NetSuite SuiteCloud web services, and optimized e-commerce site integration for superior SEO and integrated look and feel. View more information on EasyAsk eCommerce Edition for NetSuite.
  • Product Review attributes – EasyAsk search and navigation can now include product review data from vendors such as BazaarVoice.  This allows visitors to search using product review criteria – i.e. “black loafers under $70 with 4 star reviews” – see review information as attributes in the navigation, and use review information inside search business rules to raise products in results or drive related offers or promotions.
  • Integration with product recommendation engines – EasyAsk search results can now include associated product recommendations driven by product recommendation engines such as Rich Relevance and Certona.

How much does EasyAsk cost?

Pricing depends on the volume of search traffic, and the number of items you upload. For further details on pricing, please contact an EasyAsk representative directly at 800.425.8200.

How many languages is EasyAsk available in?

EasyAsk eCommerce Edition is available in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and will be rolled out in many additional languages soon. If a language you need is not currently supported, please contact us for an update on local launch timing.



EasyAsk Google Commerce Search Replacement Program

Online Shopping

Calling All Google Commerce Search Customers!

Get Significantly Better Search and Drive More Revenue with EasyAsk Natural Language Site Search, Navigation and Merchandising and Receive Free Standard Implementation.

The replacement program provides Google Commerce Search customers with dramatically improved Site Search, Navigation and Merchandising, resulting in higher revenue and increased profits. And to simply the migration, EasyAsk is offering free standard implementation to the first five customers who call 800.425.8200 or register here.

EasyAsk has helped customers achieve industry-leading conversion rates that dramatically increase their e-commerce revenues. The intelligent search, navigation and merchandising capabilities of EasyAsk eCommerce Edition deliver the right products on the very first page to speed customer purchases.

EasyAsk customers include well-known brands such as The North Face, Journey’s, Anna’s Linens, InkJet Superstore and True Value Hardware. EasyAsk can be deployed on any e-commerce environment, including Websphere Commerce, Magento, Netsuite SuiteCommerce, and others.

Still need more information? Please read our FAQ.

Be among the first 5 companies to take advantage of this offer! Call 800.425.8200 or register here today.



EasyAsk for Websphere Commerce

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Websphere Commerce is the fastest growing eCommerce platform on the market, with features that make it easy to build and deploy eCommerce sites, as well as manage eCommerce operations.

While Websphere Commerce provides a great foundation, adding EasyAsk gets you significantly better site search, navigation and merchandising solution.

With EasyAsk on top of your Websphere Commerce Platform visitors will find products faster and quickly be converted from shoppers to buyers, which will increase your customer conversion rates, order sizes and overall e-commerce revenue.

We guarantee your conversion rates will increase with EasyAsk. Fill out the form to download the white paper and learn more.


EasyAsk for Magento

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 5.57.58 PM


Magento is the fastest growing e-commerce platform on the market, with features that make it easy to build and deploy e-commerce sites, as well as manage eCommerce operations.

While Magento provides a great foundation, adding EasyAsk gets you significantly better site search, navigation and merchandising solution.

With EasyAsk on top of your Magento eCommerce Platform visitors will find products faster and quickly be converted from shoppers to buyers, which will increase your customer conversion rates, order sizes and overall e-commerce revenue.

We guarantee your conversion rates will increase with EasyAsk. Fill out the form to download the white paper and learn more.


Search and Merchandising Gazette – September, 2012

What’s in This Month’s Newsletter?
  1. E-Commerce Challenges Survey
  2. Secrets to Searchandising Success
  3. Dynamic Merchandising with DollarDays
  4. Agile Online Merchandising White Paper


Free Search & Merchandising Assessment

Want to see how your online merchandising is doing? Fill out the form below to register for a free online search and merchandising assessment from our expert team.

For decades retailers have successfully used in-store merchandising to increase sales using tried and true techniques such as displaying popular or seasonal items at the store’s entrance, using end-caps to feature discounts and offering add-ons and accessories near related products to increase average purchase sizes. The actions they took were backed by detailed analytics that told them which products to promote and what type of promotions to use based on past success.

In the highly competitive e-commerce market, online merchandising is even more critical to building a customer base and increasing sales. While many of the techniques are similar, the technology to deliver these promotions is vastly different.

Your e-commerce platform typically provides some merchandising capabilities. However, these tools typically require you to “hard-wire” the merchandising item by item, which will: (a) require a laborious process to manage merchandising promotions, and (b) make it difficult to adjust the promotions for new products, events (seasons, holidays, etc.), trends and styles.

This is where a search and merchandising platform with natural language capabilities such as EasyAsk adds tremendous value. Natural language not only makes your search better, but also makes it easier for merchandisers to create dynamic merchandising promotions and deliver more compelling offers based on the products customers are exploring.

The following articles can help you better understand the importance of online merchandising and the new techniques and tools available to help you increase sales with better merchandising.

E-Commerce Challenges Survey

Earlier this year Retail Systems Research LLC performed a custom survey to gauge the biggest business challenges to increasing online sales in 2012. When asked about places their sites could improve to increase sales, the top 4 answers were all related to merchandising, with the top answer specifically calling out merchandising as a challenge:

  • Improving online merchandising and assortment, 65%
  • Providing richer product details, 61%
  • Investing in cross-channel shopping capabilities, 59%
  • Improving search and browse capabilities, 43%

Click here to read the full article in Internet Retailer magazine on this survey and the interesting results.

Secrets to Searchandising Success

How does a retailer take the same tried and true methods from their brick and mortar operations and apply them to online merchandising? Does each technique translate into the online world? What new techniques are available to the online merchandiser?

This Website Magazine article examines the similarities and differences between in-store merchandising and online merchandising. It lists the five most important things to keep in mind when using online merchandising to increase your online sales and customers’ satisfaction.

Dynamic Merchandising with DollarDays

With over 250,000 products that are constantly changing and promotions that need to be adjusted at a moment’s notice, online B2B retailer DollarDays International faces challenges every day with online merchandising. Even with such a complex environment DollarDays thrives by continually pushing out new online merchandising promotions based on seasons, trends, cross-sell opportunities, inventory and more.

We invite you to read the full DollarDays Customer Success Story to see how the company uses natural language to dynamically adjust the promotions on the company’s highly successful e-commerce site.

Agile, dynamic merchandising with natural language rules

The secret to better merchandising is a dynamic platform that makes it both easier for merchandisers to define promotions, and can offer highly attractive offers to visitors in real-time. Natural language merchandising rules delivers both these capabilities.

For example, natural language allows you to define cross-sell offers that are delivered dynamically, based on the characteristics of the products the customer is exploring. This simplifies the job of the merchandiser and makes offers more compelling to visitors.

Please download the white paper Making Merchandising Faster and Easier with Natural Language to see how you can use dynamic online merchandising tools to increase sales.

Ready to see how EasyAsk's eCommerce solution can help you? Request a demo!
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