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EasyAsk is a search, navigation and merchandising solution that replaces the SOLR site search within WebSphere Commerce and is proven and benchmarked to drive 20-90% higher revenue. EasyAsk’s intelligent natural language search engine ensures the most relevant products are returned which leads to higher customer satisfaction and conversion rates. EasyAsk’s ability to truly understand the query in the context of the catalogue leads to more accurate results. For example, it automatically recognizes that ladies, women’s, and female all refer to gender. The combination of features such as synonym usage, search term relaxation, spell correction, and search term redirection combine to provide a better search experience.

Features and Benefits

The key benefit of EasyAsk is the core search engine that provides more accurate and relevant results and may be tuned by business users without any IT involvement. EasyAsk customers typically experience much higher search conversion rate and lower bounce rates resulting in higher revenues.

EasyAsk’s powerful natural language engine serves both the shopper and the merchandiser. For example, to create a rule to boost specific TVs, the merchandiser can simply type, “Smart TVs with a screen size more than 55” by Samsung or LG”, resulting in those TVs appearing above others when a shopper searches for TVs.

Search As You Type

EasyAsk’s instant search functionality dynamically returns relevant products as the shopper is typing their query.


EasyAsk provides complete business user control over search navigation, which include:

  • Category Management – The ability to restructure categories to better suit the needs of the shopper.
  • EasyAsk Attributes –EasyAsk enables you to supplement your catalogue data using attributes that are created in the EasyAsk layer based on natural language business rules. For example; the color red = “red or cerise or burgundy or merlot”.
  • Dynamic Attributes – The ability to create attribute groupings based on numeric data. For example dynamic price groupings.
  • Multi-Select Attributes – EasyAsk allows attributes to be multi-selectable or single select.

Display Settings

EasyAsk offers the business user comprehensive control over all display settings, which include:

    • Category Ordering – All categories and sub-categories can be reordered based on product counts, alphanumeric order or custom order.
    • Attribute/Value Ordering – Attributes can be reordered as can attribute values in the same way as Categories. For example, dynamically displaying the most popular colors first vs. using a custom color order set by the merchandiser.
    • Product Ordering – Default product order can be set at multiple levels based on any data available. For example, results could be sorted based on search relevance and within relevance by stock level.

Attribute and Product display settings can be set independently based on category/sub-category of products.

Merchandising Tools

EasyAsk provides a variety of ways to merchandise the site, which include:

  • Product Boosting – Business users can create simple, natural language rules to define products that should be boosted up the results order. For example, showing warmer jackets at the top of the results during a cold snap.
  • Product to Product Promotions – EasyAsk’s promotions system allows cross-sells, upsells, substitutions, accessories, etc., to be defined using simple rules. For example, offering hats and gloves with jackets.
  • Banners – EasyAsk’s Banner system allows the business user to control when banners appear based on search or category results. For example, a premium insulated jackets banner could appear when the shopper is viewing jackets.
  • Landing Pages – EasyAsk’s ability to name product sets allows the business user to easily create landing pages. For example, creating a dynamic set of best selling products.
  • Featured Products – EasyAsk allows the business user to highlight products that appear in results based on natural language rules. For example, highlighting sale products with different fonts, graphics, etc.

Detailed Search and Navigation Analytics

EasyAsk provides interactive reports that show the business how search and navigation is performing, these include:

  • Search health overview (dashboard)
  • Zero results reports
  • Relaxed searches
  • Top searches
  • Top search terms
  • Top navigational clicks

All of the above reports are interactive in that the user can simply click an item to view results or tune the search.

Mobile Ready

Because EasyAsk provides the right results on the first page, mobile users are much more likely to complete their purchase. Scrolling past the first page to find what they are looking is a sure way to send your potential shoppers off to your competition. Whether using the search bar or using talk-to-text, EasyAsk search ensures that shoppers find what they want whether they are searching on a big or small screen.

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