Voice-enabled Natural Language Mobile Search

Voice-enabled Natural Language Mobile Search

EasyAsk’s voice-enabled natural language mobile search provides you with unique differentiation for your m-commerce site, driving more revenue. EasyAsk allows customers to find products by simply speaking to their mobile device in exactly the same way as they would speak to a human sales associate.

For a visitor to buy your product, first they need to be able to find it.  But mobile commerce sites require a different approach due to the smaller screen size and clumsy input methods.

EasyAsk gives your mobile commerce site voice-enabled natural language search that will “wow” your customers and convert them more quickly and effectively. The full suite of EasyAsk features are available for mobile sites including natural language search, dynamic navigation, and full merchandising.

Responsive Design

Unlike other 3rd party site search products which force you to use off-site page templates, EasyAsk is non-invasive – it works with your existing site design and pages including Responsive Designs.  With more e-retailers using Responsive Design techniques to optimize for desktop and mobile experiences, this makes EasyAsk the best choice to more easily and effectively work with your site for the best shopping experience.

With EasyAsk you can:

  • Offer a prominent search box on your mobile site that allows visitors to input searches via voice, and have the confidence it will deliver an optimized set of product results on the first page, every time.
  • Deliver rich navigation that is consistent across all your sites (web, mobile and tablet) to deliver a uniform customer experience.
  • Use EasyAsk’s easy merchandising tools to promote and push the right products on the first page for better conversion on smaller devices.

EasyAsk gives retailers the ability to deliver optimized search, navigation and merchandising across all e-commerce channels – web, mobile web and mobile applications – with the cost efficiencies of a single search, navigation and merchandising service.

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