Concierge Service

Minimize Learning Curve and Maximize Merchandising with EasyAsk’s Concierge Service

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EasyAsk’s Concierge Service is a relationship between EasyAsk and its premier clients that offers focused feedback, insight and hands-on support. This personalized service provides resources dedicated to you and your business. Based on our expertise across other websites, we will help recognize inefficiencies on your site and make improvements to deliver state-of-the-art search and merchandising to your shoppers. Your EasyAsk Concierge is dedicated to your success.

Concierge Service

  • Weekly reports with reviewed and annotated analytics, and changes to system health
  • Monthly status calls to discuss analytics and go-forward strategy
  • Ad-hoc sessions to partner on the implementation of new and updated site improvements
  • Ongoing virtual extension of your eCommerce merchandising team

Accurate reporting and analytics measure the pulse of your shopper’s experience – proactive understanding and action upon this information will help you meet the ever-changing needs of your customers.

With EasyAsk’s Concierge Service, our support analyst will provide your eCommerce team with weekly reports on the health of your system. The support analyst will make recommendations based on the report data and their experience to help you stay ahead of shopping trends.

The monthly call is an opportunity to discuss the weekly reports and recommendations, as well as set a schedule to implement system tweaks and other agreed upon changes.

The third component of Concierge Service is a commitment by EasyAsk to the client to work together as needed to implement new merchandising strategies. Working sessions will be scheduled to discuss, design and implement new strategies, hand-in-hand. Additionally, this ensures that clients new to EasyAsk get a Quick Start to instantly launch and effectively create new merchandising campaigns utilizing our expertise. The knowledge that is shared as a result of Concierge Service ensures internal expertise within your company and a smooth transition of EasyAsk knowledge through employee turnover and new hires.

EasyAsk Concierge Service is an extension of your eCommerce merchandising team. We are here to work together, on an ongoing basis, to provide best-in-class service from concept to deployment as you implement new strategies such as carve-outs, cross-sells, upsells and banners. As an EasyAsk Concierge client you get premier service that continually enhances your site and ensures you are getting the most out of your EasyAsk investment.

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