eCommerce Merchandising for Business Users

You want to give complete control of your promotions, offers, cross-sells, up-sells and more directly to your merchandisers so they can more effectively work the product mix and display to increase sales volume. The EasyAsk eCommerce Studio provides an easy-to-use interface that gives your merchandisers the direct control they need to drive more revenue. eCommerce merchandisingEasyAsk eCommerce provides tools that enable merchandisers to manage how products are promoted on the site on their own, without relying on IT staff. In a flash, merchandisers can adjust how and where products are shown on the site, and create compelling, timely offers and promotions that increase the number and dollar value of sales.Most merchandising and promotional tools in e-commerce platforms provide a rigid, static environment to rank and associate products for display and promotion, giving most merchandisers headaches. The EasyAsk eCommerce Studio provides an easy to use environment where merchandisers can quickly set up promotions that automatically adjust to the selling environment:

  • Optimize how and where products are displayed in product searches, category pages and landing pages based on any data such as popularity, sales, inventory and relevance.
  • Set up future campaigns and link to your merchandising rules. Then preview by simulating future dates/times.
  • Quickly boost products to the top of results pages based on simple English language rules.
  • Easily create up-sell and cross-sell offers for products based on natural language rules that adjust according to the current selling environment on the site, not static product associations.
  • Want a new landing page? Simply pick the products, optionally create a banner, and see the results!
  • Quickly create new promotional strategies and test these on the fly to determine their value and responsiveness.
  • Get explicit control over product listing page using EasyAsk’s drag & drop product layout tool.

In addition, EasyAsk’s SKU/variation awareness helps merchandisers conserve screen real estate and show more relevant products by collecting product SKUs and variations into a group and eliminating search result overload.

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