Natural Language Search

Faster and easier search is the cornerstone of a great customer experience.  EasyAsk’s natural language search for eCommerce is so intuitive – your visitors will find products faster, delivering a 20-90 percent improvement in real revenue.

EasyAsk eCommerce natural language site search lets the customer tell you exactly what they want in their own words. The unique natural language technology allows your customers to express what they want – women’s medium red rain jackets under $75 – and receive the exact matching products.

Natural language also does so much more for your site (term stemming, attribute awareness, automatic spell correction, relaxation and more) that will virtually eliminate the “no results page” and deliver the best customer experience in the industry.

To deliver those objectives, a lot has to happen behind the scenes. And that’s what puts EasyAsk natural language in a class by itself with all the key features:

  • Deep semantic processing that relates various word forms to their core concepts, bridging the gap between text and meaning and enabling a faster, consistent shopping experience.
  • Automatic term stemming and spell-correction that makes the search box more tolerant of the shopper’s input and virtually eliminates the dreaded “no results” page.
  • Attribute awareness allows EasyAsk to immediately associate attributes such as color, size or price with products and allow searches to be highly descriptive.
  • Relaxation allows your site to ignore words in a search that are unknown or irrelevant to find a best possible match of products and further eliminate the dreaded “No Results” page.

Watch our videos on “Using Natural Language Product Concepts to Deliver Better Search” and “E-Commerce Money Saver: Automatic Spell Correction

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