Shopping Cart Optimization Tips to Help Turn Shoppers into Buyers

This week’s infographic brings tips on your shopping cart for your eCommerce Site.  The shopping cart, being the final step in the conversion from window-shopper to buyer, doesn’t ever really make the sale, but it sure can brake it.  To avoid losing the sale in the final steps, take heed to this infographic by Demac Media.
































The most commonly used ideas for the Shopping Cart are:

No more than 5 pages to complete the check-out process. The sweet spot for input fields is between 21-28. Prominent features to use are multiple shipping options, express check-out, guest check-out, gift cards, and promo codes/coupons. Go with the standard of white background and black text for the majority of it, but adding some color for flare helps when it’s in the correct place. And the use of smarter technology helps to determine what credit card is used based on the first four numbers, and can automatically fill in city, state and country based on the zip code.

These are just a few tips to help convert your shoppers to buyers in the final stages of the sale process. To see what else EasyAsk can do to help convert your shoppers into buyers, visit our website or call us at 781-402-5641.


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