Understanding Shopping Cart Abandonment and How To React

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most popular occurrences when it comes to eCommerce.  Nearly 72 percent of eCommerce shoppers add items to their cart but never complete their purchase.  In this second part of a two-part infographic created by SeeWhy, you’ll see how the behavior of eCommerce shoppers, whether they be new shoppers or returning customers.

















































Ninety-nine percent of new customers will not buy from your eCommerce site on their first visit.  Of those new customers who abandon their cart, one quarter of them will not return.  The percentage of returning customers who abandon their shopping cart is about 50-50 on who returns to buy and who does not.  The average time delay between a customers first visit and them buying from your site is about 20 minutes.  And 72 percent of visitors will make a purchase in the first 12 hours.  As far as understanding cart abandonment in a 28-day period, one-time abandoners have an 18 percent chance of making a purchase, serial abandoners have a 48 percent chance of making a purchase, and Recent Goal Abandoners (meaning they’ve already made a purchase before) have a 57 percent chance of making a purchase.  Abandonment rates are higher among those with lower totals in their shopping cart.

This is just more fuel for you, the eCommerce Merchant, to use in your defense against shopping cart abandonment.  The more you know, the more you can do to help increase your conversion rates and average order sizes.  To learn more about what else you can do to increase your conversion rates and average order sizes, visit our website or give us a call at 781-402-5641.


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