More Proof That Mobile is Changing eCommerce… Is Your Site Ready?

Mobile Commerce is the future (and it seems now present) of eCommerce.  This Infographic by KISSMetrics sums up just how important Mobile Commerce really is.



It is predicted that mobile phones will surpass desktop computers as the most commonly used devices to access eCommerce Sites this year.

People are a little more patient with their smartphones and tablets as they are willing to wait 5 seconds for a page to load, versus 3 seconds on their computer.

It seems that for tablet users, it’s the Apple iPad…. and then everyone else. That also seems true for smartphone users.

What you should take away is this: Mobile is changing the game, and if you do not have a mobile site with a smart eCommerce Site Search, then you’re going to lose out on the millions of dollars coming through via smartphone or tablet.  We at EasyAsk have the perfect solution, a Search, Navigation and Merchandising option that is smarter, and understands the way your customers think and search.

To see a demonstration of just how we can accomplish this, visit our website or contact us at 781-402-5641.  And to see an example of what we’ve already done for our customer Travers Tools, visit their site and check out our blog on Travers mobile site here.

This has been another helpful tip brought to you by your friendly, neighborhood EasyAsk.


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