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Richer Shopping Experience with Third Party Search

The most popular e-commerce platforms include some form of search, navigation and merchandising capabilities. These built-in tools only provide basic keyword search, static category navigation and clumsy merchandising. The result is basic capabilities that are not very appealing to visitor that are difficult for your merchandising team to manage. Very quickly, even the simplest e-commerce site can outgrown these standard capabilities.

Third party search, navigation and merchandising tools add tremendous value to your e-commerce site to help you deliver a richer shopping experience for your visitors. The result: you convert more customers, increase average order sizes and deliver more revenue for your company. This white paper will examine the areas where third party search, navigation and merchandising tools add value above and beyond your e-commerce platform, and what differentiates a better third party search, navigation and merchandising tool from the others.

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Five Ways to Increase E‐Commerce Conversions and Grow Revenue

Why can’t e-commerce sites think more like human beings?  That’s the fundamental question asked by online shoppers as they are frustratingly trying to find that one item they really want to buy right now, and merchandisers as they try to find ways to show the buyers the products they seek.

This white paper explores why shoppers typically bounce off your Website and provides 5 key strategies that will help you increase conversions, and ultimately revenue.

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ABCs of E-Commerce Search

Time and again, industry reports have proven that eCommerce site search, navigation, and merchandising are make or break technology for your eCommerce revenue and operations. Survey data shows the potentially strong downside of poor site search:

  • 85% of site searches don’t return what the user sought
  • 22% of searches return no results
  • 80% of visitors will abandon if the search is poor

Poor site search leads to lost visitors, poor conversion rates and lower e-commerce revenue.

On the other hand, an investment in “Best In Class” e-commerce and merchandising is easy to justify.

  • For a smaller retailer with 10,000 visitors per day and an average order size of $50, a conversion rate increase from 4% to 6% can mean an increase in annual revenue of $3.6 million.
  • For a large retailer with 100,000 visitors a day and average purchase price of $120, a conversion rate increase from 4% to 6% can mean an increase of $87 million a year.

This white paper is a guide to the essential e-commerce site search features necessary for you to double or even triple your conversion rates from search.  Other companies are achieving these results. You can too!


Online Merchandising White Paper

Merchandising has been a staple in brick and mortar stores for decades. For years retailers have honed their merchandising strategies, spending countless millions of dollars to display certain products at specific places in the stores based on price, sales popularity and more. They also know what products to place near each other to promote cross-selling and larger overall purchases.

Internet retailers are learning the art of merchandising all over again – for the online environment. While some basic principles remain the same – cross-selling, up-selling, promoting certain products over others, and more – the methods of going about merchandising in the online world are vastly different. The merchandising tools and analytics are new, the display techniques are algorithmic, and the sales influencers have drastically altered – social media, etc.

This white paper will offer techniques online retailers can use to better merchandise on their e-commerce sites and show how to implement an agile online merchandising environment to rapidly respond to changes in markets, consumers and products.

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