Richer Shopping Experience with Third Party Search

The most popular e-commerce platforms include some form of search, navigation and merchandising capabilities. These built-in tools only provide basic keyword search, static category navigation and clumsy merchandising. The result is basic capabilities that are not very appealing to visitor that are difficult for your merchandising team to manage. Very quickly, even the simplest e-commerce site can outgrown these standard capabilities.

Third party search, navigation and merchandising tools add tremendous value to your e-commerce site to help you deliver a richer shopping experience for your visitors. The result: you convert more customers, increase average order sizes and deliver more revenue for your company. This white paper will examine the areas where third party search, navigation and merchandising tools add value above and beyond your e-commerce platform, and what differentiates a better third party search, navigation and merchandising tool from the others.

Click on the button below to download this valuable white paper: Deliver a Richer Shopping Experience with Thrd Party Search.


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