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Automatic Spell Correction in eCommerce Search Saves you Time and Money

The last thing any visitor wants to see when they perform a search on an eCommerce Site is a page that says “No Results”. As we indicated in our recent whitepaper, Increase Customer Conversion by Boosting Product Findability, misspellings and using different tenses is a very common occurrence by eCommerce shoppers.

To make your site tolerant of misspellings and the like, you have two options: Either manually enter all the various misspellings and whatnot into your search engine, which will take you God-knows-how-long… Or, the better approach, use an eCommerce search engine that offers Automatic Spell Correction and stemming against terms in your product catalog.

This gives you out-of-the-box tolerance of these visitor errors, enabling them to find the right products and keeping them on your site as opposed to going to your competitors.

Watch this one-minute video and see how Coldwater Creek uses EasyAsk’s automatic spell correction to convert more visitors into customers.


Increase Conversion by Boosting Product Findability

Finding products is the first stage in any purchase process. Since more than 80% of internet purchase involve search (Brett Gilbertson – Conversionrate.com, 2011), the search box is the most important part of your site to drive purchases.

Understanding customer behavior on your site – in particular how customers find products – allows you to be more effective in converting browsers to buyers. As your site traffic grows, you will attract a much a wider diversity of visitors, creating new and varied behavior patterns that your site needs to support.  For example, newer visitors unfamiliar with your products may misspell words or use different “forms” of words (tenses, plurals, etc.) when conducting a search. If your e-commerce search is not tolerant of this behavior, then these visitors will get the dreaded “no results” page and will likely abandon the site.

Here you can see a site example for Tacoma Screw Products, an EasyAsk customer. You can see the automatic spell correction performed by EasyAsk to spell correct “fastenrs” to “fasteners.”
















In our new white paper, Increase Customer Conversion by Boosting Product Findability, we explore a new set of customer behavior patterns than impact your site. The paper offers ways in which you can improve your site with e-commerce search and online merchandising to better serve your customers and boost your conversion rates.

Please visit our white paper landing page to download this free white paper.

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