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EasyAsk provides a number of solutions that increase customers conversion on your e-commerce site and facilitate faster decisions and actions from your corporate data. The results are phenomenal: e-commerce customer conversion rates can double (or more); business decisions are made up to 6 times faster.

EasyAsk partners with and has integrated solutions with the leading packaged solutions in e-commerce, customer resource management (CRM), enteprise resource planning (ERP), and more. These solutions include:

  • E-Commerce
    • EasyAsk eCommerce for Mobile Commerce
    • EasyAsk eCommerce for Websphere Commerce
    • EasyAsk eCommerce for Magento
    • EasyAsk eCommerce for NetSuite
    • EasyAsk eCommerce for Infor Storefront
    • EasyAsk eCommerce for Facebook
  • Business Edition for Corporate Data
    • EasyAsk Business Edition for SugarCRM
    • EasyAsk Business Edition for NetSuite

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Embedded Solutions

EasyAsk’s leading natural language platform and tools can also be easily embeded into e-commerce and business application solutions to create a unique and more competitive offering in your market. A number of leading e-commerce and business ISVs already embed EasyAsk into their solutions to add tremendous value for their customers.

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