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No matter what market you’re in—retail, healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, and more—your business collects and generates an enormous volume of data. Harnessing that data should generate revenue, drive innovation, and speed execution. But it won’t if your decision-makers have to wait weeks for IT to build analytics and deliver reports with traditional Business Intelligence tools.

QuiriGPT Desktop Brings Intuitive Natural Language BI To Any User

QuiriGPT Desktop brings intuitive, natural Language intelligence and search to any business user in your organization. The web-based Studio is simply the easiest way for anyone—executive, knowledge worker, or business analyst—to find the right information at the right time from their corporate information assets. With the intuitive, natural language interface, users just type a question in plain English and get immediate answers. No data hierarchies or search languages to learn… no coding or report building. Search across multiple data sources and drill down to find the information you need.

Enrich Your Applications

Most enterprise applications like ERP and CRM are well suited to capturing information but not to providing insight based on that information. Reporting and analysis tools on the other hand usually cater to technical analysts and data scientists. Business users—the people who really need data-driven support for strategy and tactics—have few tools they can use on their own.

Through an intuitive, question-and-answer interface that requires no training, QuiriGPT Desktop gives business users—LOB managers and knowledge workers—streamlined access to ERP, CRM, and other valuable data stores, eliminating the complexity of traditional business reporting tools. As the user types in the search box, the Web Studio provides suggestions based on previous questions. It even provides a set of sample questions that can be tuned to the needs of your users. For example,

• Which website leads attended an online event last quarter?
• Which customers bought the combination of products X and Y this year?
• Which contracts over $100,000 are expiring this quarter?
• Which new customers from last quarter have not paid their invoice?

To refine results, users simply extend their questions with more details. Or they can drill down on specific results with a simple click.

Fast, Easy Charting

Once armed with information from their business questions, QuiriGPT Desktop allows users to quickly build charts and share them with their colleagues to make decisions. Charts and reports can be built with a single click, and personal dashboards can show information tailored to the user’s needs. Reports can be emailed to colleagues or shared in a repository to collaborate on information and decisions.

QuiriGPT Desktop also allows users to export to Excel for deeper analysis and charting. Results can be exported directly into pivot tables for swift multi-dimensional analysis.

Integrate with Existing Reports

QuiriGPT Desktop also indexes and searches existing BI reports, either embedded in your applications or built with external BI tools. This enables a unified search across all information sources. As users type a question, Business Edition displays suggestions on-the-fly for existing reports, increasing the accuracy of results while reducing search time.

Patented Technology

With its patented technology, QuiriGPT understands the intent of a question and how it applies to the available data. It breaks each question into components: subject, metrics, filters, time frames, etc. It understands the meaning and relationship of each and how it applies to the underlying data.

QuiriGPT then converts the question into the appropriate data language and retrieves a pinpoint answer—all in real-time. Users can find the answers they need on their own—immediately. QuiriGPT Desktop requires no technical training or understanding of the data, so users are productive from day one.

Users no longer have to wait for new reports, wade through large reports to find specific answers or deal with poor application UI’s that make it hard to find information. Using QuiriGPT Desktop requires no technical training or understanding of the data, so users are productive from day one.

Use QuiriGPT Desktop Anywhere In the Organization

No matter which industry you reside in or where your mobile users sit in the organization, QuiriGPT Desktop is the fastest and easiest way to find information. Simply ask the question you want answered:

• What are the unshipped sales orders for my customers?
• Which deals in my pipeline have changed this week?
Retail Merchandisers
• What are the top five products sold to existing customers?
• Which products are out of inventory for each region?
Healthcare Administrators
• How many patients were treated for diabetes in the past 30 days?
• What are the top 5 immunizations given this week?
• Which invoices over $40,000 are past due over 120 days?
• Which suppliers are currently owed over $100,000?
• Which departments are over budget this quarter?
• What is the gross margin by product line this quarter?

QuiriGPT Desktop leverages existing data warehouses, data marts, analytic databases, and applications, connecting to any data source in two easy steps. First, the QuiriGPT platform builds a map of the underlying data and then it creates a rich dictionary of business terms that represents the data. Within hours, users can question the data.

Go Mobile With QuiriGPT Mobile

The QuiriGPT platform provides a common natural language engine and server used by QuiriGPT Mobile and QuiriGPT Desktop. You simply build your application using the QuiriGPT platform and tools, then choose how to deploy it – for mobile devices with QuiriGPT Mobile, for desktop/web with QuiriGPT Desktop, or both. You can deploy the same applications and dictionaries to any device. Build once and deploy to any user on any device in any location.

Learn more about QuiriGPT Mobile.

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