Quiri Mobile

Quiri Mobile

Finally, an intelligent voice enabled, mobile app that can answer all your CRM, ERP & Business Intelligence/Analytics questions without typing one word – Quiri

In 2018, mobile users will make up over 73% of the enterprise workforce. Extending critical business information to your mobile workforce has tremendous benefits:

   • Armed with the right tools, mobile employees work an average of 240 hours more per year for much greater productivity.
   • Organizations that use mobile intelligence make decisions much faster – up to 6 times faster than those who do not.

‘AI/NLQ is becoming an increasingly important interface for BI content creation, analysis and data discovery of structured data, and extending analytics to mainstream business users. As modern analytics and BI platform vendors extend their support for search/NLQ on both structured and unstructured data, search-based data discovery will become a feature of modern analytics and BI platforms rather than a separate category.’ Gartner Analytics & BI 2018

“With the increasing consumerization of business intelligence (for example, mobile BI), growing volume and variety of available data, and soaring speed of business, it can be challenging to place appropriate guardrails on analytic implementations to ensure that the right data is presented to the right people and processes at the right time.”
– Doug Laney, Gartner Group

Apple’s Siri, Amazon Echo & OKGoogle have completely altered how mobile devices will be used. Voice-driven, natural language interfaces are becoming the most common way users will interact with their smartphones.

Quiri Empowers Mobile Users

Quiri Mobile offers a rich, Siri-like experience for corporate data on smart phones or tablets. Users just tap the microphone and ask a question. Quiri Mobile quickly translates it and retrieves an answer. The mobile interface eliminates the need to use awkward mobile keyboards or navigate hard-to-read menus. Quiri Mobile can be deployed securely on premise or in the cloud. User- and role-based permissions safeguard data at rest, while encryption ensures safe transfer over wireless networks.

Studies show that mobile users require tools for ad-hoc information consumption versus the deep analysis performed on the desktop. They also show that one in every four mobile apps is abandoned after only one use. Without an interface that makes an app easy to work with, users will simply ignore it.

Quiri Mobile provides an engaging mobile experience, highly optimized for the unique characteristics of mobile devices and the way workers use mobile applications. Quiri Mobile offers the following features:

   • Speak and Answer—users can ask and refine questions via the voice interface to rapidly explore data until they find the exact results they seek.
   • Automatic charting—a built-in charting service delivers rich charts based on question results. Charts are formatted to display clearly on small screens.
   • Friendly guidance—the user interface suggests questions, prompts to clarify questions and reduce ambiguity.
   • Easy customization—Quiri Mobile can also be customized to integrate with your in-house mobile applications.

Quiri : AI/Natural Language Delivers Faster Intelligence

Quiri, by EasyAsk is the leader in AI/Natural Language intelligence and analysis for corporate data. Users simply pose everyday questions in English, as if they were asking a colleague, and get immediate answers. Armed with this information, sales teams can act faster to close deals, agents can better serve clients, and merchandisers can fill gaps in the market more quickly.

With its patented technology, Quiri understands the intent of a question and how it applies to the available data. Quiri breaks each question into components: subject, metric, filters, time frames, etc. It understands the meaning and relationship of each and how it applies to the underlying data.

Quiri converts the question into the appropriate data language and retrieves a pinpoint answer—all in real time. Users can find the answers they need on their own—immediately. Quiri requires no technical training or understanding of the data, so users are productive from day one.

Quiri Works For Any Mobile Worker

No matter where your mobile users sit in the organization, Quiri Mobile is the fastest and easiest way for them to find the information they need.

   • Show unshipped sales orders for my customers?
   • Which deals in my pipeline have changed this week?
Store Managers/Merchandisers
   • What are the top five products sold to returning visitors?
   • What are the top three promotions selling products today?
   • Show the sales forecast for the next six months?
   • Which products are selling better online than in-store?

Quickly Mobilize Your Business Applications

The Quiri product family and platform enables you to deploy mobile and web-based natural language intelligence for your users. You simply build your application using the Quiri platform and tools, then choose how to deploy it – for mobile devices with Quiri Mobile, for desktop/web with Quiri Desktop, or both.

The Quiri platform provides a common natural language engine and server used by Quiri Mobile and Quiri Desktop. You can deploy the same applications and dictionaries to any device. Build once and deploy to any user on any device in any location.

Developers Can Add Quiri To Any Business Application

Enterprise and ISV developers can quickly and easily integrate Quiri natural language into their business applications. The Quiri developers’ kit offers easy to use tools for building application specific dictionaries and a rapid application integration framework to integrate a natural language interface into an application. This speeds deployment and lowers development costs. An application using Quiri can be deployed on premise or via SaaS.

Quiri supports user interaction with data sources in ordinary English. It translates a user’s question from a conceptual business language to the logical data level language of the data source.

Quiri Solutions

Quiri has a number of out of the box connectors to leading applications to provide the easiest, most intuitive mobile solution for information for those solutions. With Quiri you can instantaneously deliver a rich, voice-enabled mobile solution to your users of these applications.

Quiri Desktop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgrdXXWkoMk
Quiri Mobile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQfcof_wBVU

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