Mobile or Desktop, Quiri is simply the easiest way to ask questions and get answers from your CRM system!

AI/Natural Language Query (NLQ) extends the reach of CRM to end users providing seamless connectivity and conversational UX. Simply type your question into a search box or speak your question in your Smartphone.

Quiri for CRM provides the easiest way for your entire sales organization to get instant answers from your sales operations and execution. Users simply ask questions about relevant sales topics in English and get fast results from their CRM data. This increases the use of your CRM solution and information among your sales teams, making it more valuable to your organization. Most importantly, Quiri provides your field sales force with instant information enabling more sales, higher revenues and happier sales reps.

Intuitive and Easy

Quiri’s ground-breaking natural language technology provides the easiest, most intuitive way for business users to explore CRM data and find answers. Quiri understands both the intent and the content of every sales question – an approach that is more intuitive and returns better answers than standard search and analysis products. After processing the question, Quiri retrieves the appropriate data, computes the answers and displays the result in an appealing format.

Users can speak questions into their mobile devices using Quiri Mobile or enter them into an integrated web-based user interface using Quiri Desktop. Using Quiri for CRM, sales executives, managers and teams can ask critical questions such as:

   • “Show pipeline leads with no activities in the last 30 days” to identify neglected opportunities for sales managers,
   • “Show total pipeline this quarter by sales stage” to provide a sales executive with an update on the state of the sales pipeline,
   • “List pipeline deals over $50000? to identify large sales opportunities and to display all relevant information about the opportunities.

Mobile CRM with Quiri Mobile

Quiri Mobile provides your mobile sales teams a powerful Siri-like voice-driven mobile solution for your CRM data that increases sales team productivity, closure rates and total sales. Quiri Mobile allows sales reps to simply ask questions of their CRM data from their mobile devices and get answers in real-time.

Quiri Mobile for CRM enables a very broad set of questions over a wide number of CRM topics, attributes and metrics. For example, by asking:

   • “Show sales orders and status over the past 60 days for Fast Car Automotive,” enables a sales rep to gauge the status of orders before walking into a sales call with Fast Car Automotive
   • “What is the inventory of last year’s injectors” and “What new injectors are there for this year” enables a sales rep to understand existing part inventory and new products they can offer
   • “What new leads do I have in Charlotte North Carolina” helps a sales rep identify new leads to contact for meetings to fill a schedule gap while in Charlotte

Using Quiri Mobile with your CRM solution, sales reps have rapid mobile access to key information helping them to optimize their sales activities and making it easier to reach their sales goals.

Rapid CRM Intelligence with Quiri Desktop

Quiri Desktop provides an easy to use web-based interface for your CRM system where your everyday business users can answer any business question and quickly build reports they need. They simply enter the question and get the answer. With Quiri Desktop for CRM, they can also:

   • Rapid Exploration, Charting and Report Building – Quiri Desktop offers easy drill-down and data exploration, along with rich charting and display options. Users can continually refine their questions until they find the exact data they are looking for.
   • Share reports and information – With a single button, users can save and share reports to collaborate on time-sensitive decisions.
   • Find Related CRM Reports – Quiri Desktop returns matching reports hat are related to the topics of the question from your CRM system or other reporting/BI sources. Business Edition indexes these reports and provides links for the user to access and run these reports with a single click.

View the Demo

Watch the Quiri for CRM demo to see how sales executives, managers and teams can ask sales questions in English and get immediate, relevant answers from their CRM sales data to speed sales execution and increase sales performance.

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