Quiri –┬áNatural Language Query for Analytics and Applications

Quiri brings intuitive, Natural Language query capabilities and intelligence and search to any business user in your organization. With an intuitive, natural language interface, users just type a question in plain English and get immediate answers. No data hierarchies. No coding. No report building. Search across multiple data sources and drill down to find the information you need.
Quiri - Natural Language Query demonstration Quiri - Natural Language Query Mobile demonstration

Better User Experience for Your Mobile Apps

Quiri makes your mobile applications easier and more intuitive to use. Quiri will put the YOU in the UX in your next mobile app.

Increase Sales with Mobile CRM

A mobile sales solution, powered by Quiri, will give your sales team easier access to the critical information they need to close more sales.

Connect with Customers using Natural Language

Quiri can power your mobile and web customer service apps to better interact with customers anywhere, anytime.

Streamline Decisions with Natural Language Business Intelligence

Quiri enables all your front-line workers to find the intelligence they need to make faster decisions and take swifter action.

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