IRCE: what you missed in Chicago

Outstanding pizza and fireworks at Navy Pier are reason enough to visit Chicago, but the industry’s largest eCommerce event, the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE), didn’t fail to equip and inspire as it held its 14th annual event in the city last month.

The EasyAsk team had a great time attending discussions, presentations, and networking sessions, as well as running a booth in the exhibit hall. We were able to impress visitors with solutions to the challenge that emerged over the 4 days: how to maximize mobile shoppers.

The message was mobile

The central theme for us at IRCE was the increase in mobile adoption and therefore the need for the eCommerce industry to respond. The exponential rise in mCommerce is well underway:

But the following figures indicate that many eRetailers may not be prepared for the mobile shift:

It is not surprising, then, that the EasyAsk booth at IRCE was buzzing with interest. We spent a lot of time demonstrating how outstanding EasyAsk software is, but one occasion stands out.

Wow! That really worked!

A group of prospective customers were hovering around the EasyAsk booth, when a member of our team approached them:

“From a distance eCommerce search and merchandisers all look alike…wanna see why we’re not?”

Our team member took out their phone and demonstrated using voice input to search on the mobile site:

“I’m looking for sports-related groomsmen gifts for under 30 dollars”

The following screen flicked up instantly:

As if they had just seen a magician perform an illusion, the prospective customers were suitably stunned:

“Wow! That really worked!”

“Very cool!”

Our team member asked them if they had seen anyone else doing this at the show. The response was an emphatic, “No!”

Most keyword solutions are outdated and obsolete. But EasyAsk technology is better than Amazon and competes with Google, so it’s worth taking a closer look when it comes to search and merchandising solutions.


More information about IRCE can be found at or by calling 800-352-IRCE

Take a closer look at EasyAsk’s search and merchandising solutions at



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