EasyAsk Releases Guide to Increasing Customer Conversion through Better Product Findability

New EasyAsk guide offers ways to optimize sites for five important e-commerce customer behavior patterns

BURLINGTON, MA – March 5, 2014 – EasyAsk, the industry leader in e-commerce site search, navigation and merchandising, today announced a new best practices guide that shows how e-commerce sites can increase their customer conversion through better product findability. This new guide examines five critical customer behavior patterns on e-commerce sites, and offers specific ways in which e-retailers can optimize their sites to support these behavior patterns.

Shopping involves three stages – find, decide and purchase. Yet, most E-commerce sites measure their success based on conversion rate and abandonment rate, which are measured in a simplistic manner – did a visitor complete a purchase after placing items in a cart, or did they leave the site and abandon that cart? This simplistic view can often mask other problems with the e-commerce site, in particular all the activity up until placing items in the cart. This is why many practitioners are now advocating measuring, understanding and tuning your site across this entire process.

Since “find” is the first stage in the purchase process, understanding how customers find products on your e-commerce site is critical to adjusting the site to match their needs. To understand the “product findability” on your site, you must put yourself in the visitors’ shoes and understand how they behave. The EasyAsk guide examines visitor behavior and defines five very common customer behavior patterns for e-commerce sites.

“Understanding customer behavior on your site, in particular how they find products, is critical to optimizing the purchase path,” said John Morrell, Vice President of Product Marketing at EasyAsk. “Site optimization requires more than just understanding – you need the tools to deliver the richer customer experience. Our guide not only gives you the ‘what’, but also gives you the ‘how’ – how to tune your site effectively for your visitors.”

About EasyAsk

EasyAsk is the leading provider of natural language software and solutions for e-commerce and business applications. EasyAsk software products go far beyond traditional search, allowing users to simply ask questions in plain English and receive highly tuned results. EasyAsk uses this unique technology to deliver industry-leading website search, navigation and merchandising solutions that boost online revenue through increased conversion rates, improved customer experience and agile merchandising. Based in Burlington, Massachusetts, with offices in Europe, EasyAsk has customers such as The North Face, Samsonite, Anna’s Linens, Journey’s, Coldwater Creek, Lillian Vernon, Aramark, True Value, Andertons Music and Harbor Freight Tools that rely on the EasyAsk software products to run their business and eCommerce operations daily. For further information please visit


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