Why Are Visitors Abandoning the Cart Without Buying?

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In recent years, rates of shopping cart abandonment have gone way up. However, with the help of Abandonaid, e-commerce marketers who have problems with high shopping cart abandonment do not have to worry anymore. But why do customers leave their shopping carts without purchasing?

One cause which affects whether a customer continues the purchase and completes the checkout are high shipping costs of goods. But instead of making the shipping free, online marketers can offer free shipping for purchases over an agreed total. These costs should be one of the easiest decisions the customers have to deal with. In the end it is important to make shipping costs as well as the check-out process clear and understandable for the buyers.

Another reason which leads to high shopping cart abandonment rates is the shopping cart payment options during the check-out process. Most abandoned shopping carts on e-commerce websites do not offer sufficient payment options. If people cannot select the payment method they prefer, they might look for alternative websites where they can choose their favoured form of payment. To reduce high shopping cart abandonment rates, the payment process should be as pleasant and convenient as possible for the customer.

Online retailers who struggle with high cart abandonment can be backed by working with Abandonaid. One way Abandonaid increases the number of customers that follow through with their purchase is email retargeting, which is at low cost and highly effective. At best, customers can receive a shopping cart recovery email a few minutes after the cart abandonment occurred.

With the aid of Abandonaid e-commerce marketers can be sure of help to avoid lost sales and have the abandoned shopping carts recovered.


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