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Are you tired of using OmniFind to power the e-commerce search behind your WebSphere Commerce site?  Are you spending costly technical resources to update and manage the search?  Does the search box annoy visitors with no results pages and force them to navigate through pages and pages of results to find the products they are looking for?

Why settle for bad and costly search?  EasyAsk uses natural language technology to make your e-commerce search easier to manage while giving your e-commerce site the best search box, most flexible navigation and easiest to use merchandising tools in the industry.

With EasyAsk, visitors will find products faster and quickly be converted from shoppers to buyers, which will increase your customer conversion rates, order sizes and overall e-commerce revenue.  EasyAsk will also virtually eliminate no results searches, delivering a better customer experience.  We guarantee your conversion rates will increase and lost visitors will drop with EasyAsk.

How does EasyAsk do it?  The secret is the natural language technology.  EasyAsk natural language gives your WebSphere Commerce site:

  • A more powerful search box where customers can enter descriptive search phrases – “men’s blue polo shirts under $50” – and get to the exact products they want faster, greatly increasing the odds of purchasing,
  • Automated linguistic processing features such as spell-correction, stemming and relaxation that ensure visitors will see results and not receive the dreaded “no results” page,
  • A greater number of attributes and guided navigation options built automatically by EasyAsk from your product catalog to deliver more accurate results and faster navigation,
  • Easy to use merchandising tools so merchandisers can manage offers and promotions on their own, without the help of IT staff and making the site more agile.

The EasyAsk implementation is easy and requires little resource to maintain.  Search analytics with direct point-and-click actions allow non-technical staff to tune and maintain the search, eliminating frustratingly slow update processes.  With EasyAsk, your search is as dynamic and flexible as you want.

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Also check out the EasyAsk product here on our website and earn about the numerous customers that are taking advantage of EasyAsk natural language to convert more visitors.


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