Webinar: Using Analytics to Optimize the Shopping Experience

Orginal Air Date: Thursday, October 11, 2012
Length: 60 minutes

Learn how to apply search analytics to increase online sales.

Search, navigation and merchandising are a living, breathing part of your e-commerce site and overall customer shopping experience. You need to quickly adapt these critical aspects of your site for new products, market trends and customer needs.

Your search analytics provide you with timely, actionable information for continuously optimizing your shopping experience. Using search analytics, you can identify opportunities to streamline the path to customer purchases, and highly specific actions to deliver these optimizations.

In this webinar, the EasyAsk “Man in the Green Hat” will teach you:

  • What information is contained in search analytics and what it can teach you,
  • The customer experience problems search analytics can help you identify and how to take action, including the elimination no results searches and fine tuning the results of searches,
  • How search analytics can help identify new categories and attributes that can better guide customers to the right products,
  • The new merchandising opportunities which search analytics can identify to increase sales through promotions, SEO, and new product offerings.

The webinar will be hosted by Ben Rudnick, EasyAsk Director of Field Technical Services. Ben is also affectionately known as the “Man in the Green Hat” for his unique expert sessions at leading industry events.

Attend this session from EasyAsk to learn how to apply analytics to drive conversion and shopper satisfaction. To register for this webinar, click the button below.


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