Travers Tools Sees Staggering Numbers With Switch to Natural Language Search


Way back in 1924, Travers Tool co., Inc. began serving the metalworking community with tools and industrial supplies. Back in the late 1990’s, Travers joined the rest of the modern world by starting an eCommerce site to take orders online. The internet was a different game back then, and with the vast amount of products Travers offers, their site struggled to keep up.

But in 2010, Travers looked for a change and switched to EasyAsk for their eCommerce Site Search.

“We really wanted to increase our percentage of online business. It was in the low teens and we wanted to get it up to at least 30 percent and eventually over 50,” Travers Tool president Bruce Zolot said.

With well over 100,000 products, Travers needed an eCommerce Site Search that could integrate seamlessly and reduce the time it takes to find the right product, even with long-tail searches.

Enter EasyAsk, a Natural Language search and merchandising software that delivers rapid, intuitive search results, using plain English.  Travers was looking for a solution that would tightly integrate with its backend system for pricing and inventory availability, as well as return accurate results for a complex search in under five seconds.

“We decided to go with a best-of-breed search application and that was EasyAsk.  Choosing EasyAsk also meant we could go to market much more quickly, “ Zolot said.

The results were better than expected. Travers has seen a 12 percent increase in average order sizes, a six percent increase in orders per day, and an eight percent decrease in time spent searching on their eCommerce site.

“EasyAsk lets customers search our site the way they want and not waste time learning how to search,” Zolot concludes. “We can use all the data attributes we’ve collected about our products and provide a very precise, guided navigation.”

EasyAsk accommodated Travers Tool’s large product catalogue, and while the catalogue continues to grow, EasyAsk continues to provide rapid, high-performance indexing and search.

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