The North Face Europe Uses EasyAsk on Magento

We were pleased to announce this morning as part of our continued partnership with The North Face® that The North Face Europe has rolled out EasyAsk eCommerce Edition for Magento on 11 different sites across Europe. This rollout delivers the customer conversion power of EasyAsk’s natural language search, navigation and merchandising to each of these sites.

The North Face Europe has already seen fantastic business results from this rollout – a 35% increase in search conversion rates and a 24% increase in revenue from search. EasyAsk was deployed in 9 different countries and the accompanying languages including: UK, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Italy, Spain and Austria. The North Face had already deployed EasyAsk eCommerce Edition in the United States and Canada.

The internationalization and localization features of EasyAsk truly shine in the rollout at The North Face Europe. We offer many thanks to the team at The North Face Europe for allowing us to share this great news with our community.




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