The Most Intuitive, Intelligent, Natural eCommerce Search on the planet period!

Too much? Switch to decaf? OK, maybe. BUT when you’ve got a better mousetrap, sometimes you have to let the world know that you . . have a better mousetrap.

Here’s why. Some of you know, and many actually don’t, that there’s been an evolution in search. GOOGLE, the 800 pound gorilla of search, evolved (read abandoned) from simple keyword search to a much more intuitive semantic model. One more time: Google abandoned keyword search.

Why? It’s not very intelligent. Just matches words, without any understanding of what the user is actually searching for. MICROSOFT had previously engineered their Internet search engine, BING, as a Natural Language solution. Very effective, very efficient, very accurate. So neither of the two biggest players in Internet Search use keyword search anymore.

Which brings us to the world of eCommerce search. Why are YOU using an old, obsolete keyword search solution? You’ve been given a pretty good hint that, at best it’s … OK. When the objective of the exercise is to connect with shoppers and convert them to buyers, just how well your search works REALLY matters!

Enter EASYASK. That’s what we do. Natural Language search and merchandizing. We’re the best in the world at it and I’m not afraid to say it. Why? Because we actually understand what it is your shoppers are looking for.

We’ll take your old Solr keyword search and supercharge it like you won’t believe. We’ll kick your customer conversion into a whole new level. We’ll increase your eCommerce revenues through the roof. We’ve got the numbers and success stories to prove it. Here are a couple: upgrading from IBM Websphere Solr, The North Face U.S. rolled out their site on EasyAsk within 3 weeks and, within 2 weeks, found their customer conversion had doubled. Doubled in 2 weeks! Then The North Face Europe deployed on the Magento platform (9 countries, 5 languages), again Solr based, and found a 35% increase in search conversion rates and a 24% increase in revenue! Huge numbers for a company the size of The North Face.

But you don’t need to be that big to realize the benefits. We’ll get you up and running in a few weeks and you’ll see the results instantly. The beauty is that the real cost to your company is staying with what you’ve got. You’re leaving far too much money on the table through poor search and navigation. If your shoppers can’t find it, they’ll abandon your site. Let us help you serve up exactly what they’re looking for on the first page, every time!

We’ll save the tech pitch for another time. Send us a note, or give us a call and we’ll get your eCommerce revenue flowing.



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