Suite Commerce Adds Efficiency to NetSuite, EasyAsk Approves

NetSuite, the world’s most deployed cloud ERP, rolled out Suite Commerce to the masses this week and we at EasyAsk are thrilled.  EasyAsk has been a partner with NetSuite for years, working with them and many of their 16,000+ customers.  With the launching of Suite Commerce, NetSuite customer will now have the ability to really interact with NetSuite as the ease-of-use has become even easier.

Suite Commerce gives NetSuite customers tons of benefits that were not available prior to the launch.  From Business Rules for products, to being able to “pin” a product or announce it on Facebook, to recommending larger order sizes for better discounts while in the shopping cart, Suite Commerce is doing their best to make NetSuite customers feel warm, welcomed and remembered.  And with online sales expected to increase by another 9-12 percent in 2012, these features are just another way to help NetSuite continue to keep their very large customer-base very happy.

As the premier search provider for NetSuite, EasyAsk has already thrived in the NetSuite environment, giving their customers the best in eCommerce Site Search, Navigation and Merchandising capabilities.  But with the launching of Suite Commerce, EasyAsk will have an even better, more efficient playground to rule the yard on.  With dozens of happy NetSuite customers running EasyAsk as their search, the inclusion of Suite Commerce will only increase the capabilities of what those customers can do with EasyAsk’s Natural Language Site Search, Navigation and Merchandising tools.

Companies like Oya Costumes, That Pet Place, Silver & Crystal Gallery, Fusion Beads, and many more are already reaping the benefits of Natural Language Search on the NetSuite environment.  Giving their customers the ability to search how they want and know they are finding the right product on the first try, as well as being able to really take control of their site as a merchandiser, the added benefits of Suite Commerce just means bigger and better things to come for NetSuite customers who use EasyAsk.

NetSuite says “Any Language, Any Currency, Any Business Model”… Well, with Natural Language behind it, any language will be even better understood, the capabilities to use any currency will be increased, and any and all business models will be even better.

To see what your NetSuite site can accomplish with Natural Language added to it, check out our website, or give us a call at 781-402-5641.


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