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A recent industry study found that 85% of site searches don’t work.  And what happens when visitors can’t find what they are looking for?  A related study found that 80% of visitors that encountered poor search would abandon the site.

Can you really afford to lose customers like this?

Many e-commerce sites, including those in the Internet Retailer 1000, use sub-par search solutions built into their e-commerce platforms or inferior third party products that simply do not produce the right results and are costly to manage.  The result is lost visitors, a poor customer experience and an inability to convert customers.

With EasyAsk natural language search and navigation, your visitors will find products faster and quickly be converted from shoppers to buyers.  This will increase your customer conversion rates.  We guarantee it!

Just ask the over 400 e-commerce sites that are powered by EasyAsk, ranging from large to small, including: The North Face, Journey’s, Anna’s Linens, Lillian Vernon, True Value, JoAnn Fabrics, InkJet Superstore, Travers Tool and Schuler Shoes.

With EasyAsk natural language search your e-commerce site will be turbo-charged with:

  • A more powerful search box where customers can enter even long-tail search phrases – “men’s blue polo shirts under $50” – and get to the exact products they want faster, greatly increasing the odds of purchasing,
  • Built in spell-correction and other linguistic processing techniques that virtually eliminate “no results” searches,
  • Dynamic guided navigation built automatically from your product catalog and generated on the fly based on the visitor’s search terms,
  • Easy to use merchandising tools so merchandisers can manage offers and promotions on their own, without the help of IT staff and making the site more agile.

Just ask InkJet Superstore, a leading online seller of printer cartridges and components.  website.  Accroding to Ilan Douek, the President of InkJet Superstore:

“Nothing is more important than being able to direct buyers to the right cartridge and accessories.  EasyAsk gave us search capabilities that deliver rich, accurate results to both increase conversion rates and reduce the burden on our call center.”

Fill out the form on the right and you can receive a free copy of our e-commerce search guide, The ABCs of E-Commerce Search.  This will help you maximize the effectiveness of your search environment.

In addition, you will be eligible for a free e-commerce search impact analysis, where our team of search and merchandising experts will assess your site and provide direct ways in which better e-commerce search can impact your site and sales.


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