Online Merchandising using Special Display Blocks Part 1

As discussed in the EasyAsk white paper Increasing Customer Conversion by Boosting Product Findability, customer eyes are always drawn to special display areas ion the browser, making them a fantastic way to promote products and drive more sales.

Many sites will have often used special display blocks such as “Related Items” for cross-sell promotions or “You Might Also Like” for up-sell promotions.  This capability is typically built into the e-commerce platform merchandising/promotion screen.

These promotions are easy to enable in your e-commerce platform, but are extremely difficult to manage there.  Why?  E-commerce platforms will force you to hard-wire cross-sell and up-sell relationships on a per item level.  When your site reaches hundreds of items or more, this process becomes time-consuming, unwieldy and costly.

Dynamic, natural language merchandising rules and an easy-to-use merchandising tool alleviate this merchandising problem and give greater flexibility for promotions and offers. The dynamic rules execute on the fly based on what the visitor is searching on, clicking on or looking at, determining the best products to place in the block(s) and increasing the click-through and conversion rates.

Let’s take a look at Travers Tool’s e-commerce site.  They use dynamic natural language rules, executed in real-time to fill into two special blocks on a product page: Optional Items and Recommended Items.  The first image is the top of the product page for a Craftsman Bench Grinder, and the second image shows the two special blocks lower on the page.





























The Travers Tool site used a natural language rule to (a) understand the page is for a Craftsman Bench Grinder, and (b) relate in real time the optional products and recommended items.  Since the relationship is derived in real-time based on attributes, merchandisers do not need to hard-wire the relationships within each product entry in the product catalog.

This is a tremendous time saver for the merchandisers and reduces the cost to maintain the product catalog.

You can learn more about using special blocks with natural language rules and other customer conversion tips in our white paper Increasing Customer Conversion by Boosting Product Findability.


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