NetSuite Customer InkJet Superstore Jets Past Competitors Using EasyAsk Natural Language E-Commerce Search Software for SaaS

EasyAsk helps the company create the best online experience in the complex printer and cartridge marketplace

BURLINGTON, MA—MAY 3, 2011—Anyone who has ever searched for the proper ink cartridges for their printer model can tell you about the dizzying array of options and combinations that can quickly frustrate a buyer. Using EasyAsk eCommerce edition, InkJet Superstore has dramatically simplified finding the right printer cartridges and accessories, providing the easiest online experience for customers, increasing online orders and revenue. sells toner and ink cartridges for virtually every make and model of printer, copier, and fax machine, with over 6,000 items.  InkJet Superstore’s vision is clearly articulated on the company website: “To be the best, the easiest, the cheapest and friendliest place to buy printer accessories.”  To back this up, InkJet Superstore offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which includes paying for return shipping cost.

Search and Merchandising are a vital part of delivering the best customer experience and ensuring customer satisfaction.  Because nearly one-third of all site visitors immediately go to the search box, delivering good search results on the first try is crucial.

“Nothing is more important than being able to direct buyers to the right cartridge and accessories”, said Ilan Douek, President,   “EasyAsk gave us search capabilities that deliver rich, accurate results to both increase conversion rates and reduce the burden on our call center.”

Using EasyAsk, has seen impressive results in a short period:

  • The site now returns 80% fewer “no results” searches,
  • Order conversion rates have increased 6%
  • Calls and ‘live chat’ requests have decreased as customers are better able to find products

EasyAsk also enables to manage an ever-growing catalog of ink and toner products.  The automatic synchronization between the NetSuite-based product catalog and EasyAsk eCommerce search enables new products to more easily be assimilated into the website.  The rich EasyAsk analytics also allow merchandisers to see new products in customer searches and quickly add these new products to inventory.

“Our relationship with InkJet Superstore goes well beyond delivering best-in-class e-commerce search and merchandising products”, said Craig Bassin, CEO of EasyAsk.   “The EasyAsk team was dedicated to make InkJet Superstore a rousing success and our partnership with NetSuite helped deliver an integrated e-commerce solution to Inkjet Superstore.  Only EasyAsk has developed a solution that allows the site to remain on NetSuite, providing increased SEO.” launched its business in 2005 on the NetSuite platform, building its pure-play e-commerce operation around the NetSuite Ecommerce solution.  NetSuite’s cloud enterprise suite gave InkJet Superstore all the capabilities the company needed to run their business, but required more sophisticated e-commerce search due to the complex relationships between printers, cartridges and accessories.  The partnership formed between EasyAsk and NetSuite through the NetSuite Solution Developer Network enabled InkJet Superstore to find an integrated, best-in-class search solution for their NetSuite-based e-commerce platform.

EasyAsk eCommerce Edition

EasyAsk eCommerce Edition is the industry leading e-commerce search and merchandising solution that allows visitors to find products faster, and receive compelling promotions and offers.  EasyAsk understands the content and intent of the search question – “red long sleeved dresses under $150” – to deliver the right results on the first page.  EasyAsk eCommerce Edition customers see the industry’s highest conversion rates, deliver a superior customer experience, and see dramatic increases in average order sizes.

About EasyAsk

EasyAsk is radically changing the speed and ease of how people find information through the company’s ground-breaking natural language search software.  EasyAsk software products go far beyond traditional search, allowing users to simply ask questions in plain English and receive highly tuned results on demand.  The EasyAsk eCommerce Edition uses this unique technology to deliver an industry leading website search, navigation and merchandising solutions that boosts online revenue through increased conversion rates, better customer experience and agile merchandising.

Based in Burlington, Massachusetts, EasyAsk has long been a leader in natural language information analysis and delivery software. Customers such as Gap, Coldwater Creek, Hewlett Packard, Lands End, Lillian Vernon, Aramark, JJill, Nedbank, BNP Paribas, TruValue, Siemens, Hartford Hospital, Ceridian, JoAnn Fabrics and Harbor Freight Tools rely on the EasyAsk software products to run their business and e-commerce operations daily.  For more information, please visit EasyAsk.


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