More Proof That M-Commerce is Growing… Amex Syncs With Twitter

According to a release by American Express, card-holders can now sync their Amex cards and tweet special hashtags to buy gift cards and certain products from some of the major eCommerce companies.  With specially priced Amex gift cards and products on sale at Amazon, Sony, Urban Zen and Xbox this week.  Here’s an example: The $25 American Express Gift Card can be purchased using a synced American Express Card for only $15 by tweeting #BuyAmexGiftCard25.

The syncing venture, Card Sync, which first launched on Twitter last March, was designed to deliver coupon-free savings to Cardmembers who tweeted special offer #hashtags from certain merchants.  The full catalog of products for which you can use this syncing for went up last week (Feb. 13th) and are highlighted as favorites on the American Express Twitter page.

Here’s a few examples of what you can start buying with this new #hashtag-sync method: An Amazon Kindle Fire for $149.99, a Sony Action Cam & Waterproof Headband Mount for $179.99, and an Xbox controller for $29.99.

This new movement by American Express is just another piece in the expanding world of Mobile Commerce.  It’s another way to shop on-the-go, which is where more and more consumers are headed.  You don’t have to go as far as what American Express has done, but you better believe you need a mobile eCommerce Site Search that understands today’s customers.

We at EasyAsk have the technology to make your mobile site, as well as your eCommerce Site smarter, faster, better, and with the ability to understand what your customers are looking for as well as how they are shopping today.  Natural Language goes beyond the limitations of Keyword Search, and with today’s mobile-shoppers searching more and navigating less, you need a search engine that understands their entire search.

To see how your site stacks up to some of the industry leaders (The North Face, Lands’ End, TrueValue Hardware, etc.) visit our website, or call 781-402-5641 for a free demonstration and Site Search analysis.

This is just another helpful tip from your friendly, neighborhood EasyAsk.


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