Keeping Your Customers Happy is Key: Stats & Tips to Keep in Mind

We at EasyAsk are here for our customers, and we want OUR customers to keep THEIR customers.  So this piece is a friendly stat-and-tip sheet to help.  (By the way, even people who are not EasyAsk customers are allowed to read. You’re welcome.)

The world has changed tremendously since the dawn of the Internet.  Nowadays people look at their phones more than their loved ones.  So Tip #1 is get in front of your customers.  Utilize this technology to the best of its abilities.  Little statistic for you: Ninety percent of retail companies have a Twitter account, but only 29 percent use it to connect to their customers.  Don’t be that company, be the responsive and involved company.

Which leads me to my next Stat and Tip…

Apparently half of your customers will be gone within a week if they’ve tried to contact you and YOU have not responded.  That sounds like quite a risk, so don’t take it.  Tip #2 is Make sure you are responding to your customers needs.  You don’t have to resolve every issue, but you should respond in a timely fashion if they’ve brought up a question or grievance.

Oh, and in case you’re not worried about losing half of your customers, another stat for you: A company only has a 20-40 percent chance of winning back a customer that they have lost. Just FYI…

Tip #3 is Be proactive, not reactive.  Don’t take the chance of having to try and win a customer back when being a little more attentive during the relationship will keep you out of trouble in the first place.  Got a final stat for you: The average business loses one-fifth of its customers annually by failing to attend to the current relationships they have with their customers.

If you take these tips and stats to heart, then you shouldn’t have problem keeping your customers happy, which in turn keeps your business happy and successful.

This bit of advice was brought to you by your friendly, neighborhood EasyAsk.

To learn more about keeping YOUR customers happy with a smarter eCommerce Site, give us a call at 781-402-5641, or visit our website. (Stats for this piece obtained from Multichannel Merchant.)


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