InkJetSuperstore Supercharges Search with EasyAsk

We released a story this morning about one of our first NetSuite e-commerce search customers,  Click here to read the press release. is a long time NetSuite customer and an early adopter of the NetSuite Ecommerce platform.  When you walk along the hallowed halls of NetSuite and whisper “InkJetSuperstore”, it is like the old E.F. Hutton commercials – everyone stops and listens! InkJetSuperstore is that important to NetSuite!

E-commerce is InkJetSupertore’s ENTIRE business. Thus, e-commerce is their mission critical, “bet your business” software. Search is an essential part of this.

Nearly one-third of all visitors immediately go to the search box, making search a critical tool for customer conversion. Adding to the complexity is the cryptic set of printer and cartridge model numbers visitors will search for, and the complex relationships between printer models and various after-market cartridges.

Two of our competitors tried to implement their e-commerce search solutions for InkJetSuperstore prior to EasyAsk.  BOTH FAILED.  We not only implemented EasyAsk on the first try, but did so quickly and efficiently.

InkJetSuperstore is also a testimate to superior engineering.  Among other things, EasyAsk has developed a unique integration with NetSuite Ecommerce that maintains superior Search Engine Optimization than other 3rd party solutions. In addition, we done some automated integration with the NetSuite item catalog via web services, and taken EasyAsk unique features like our SKU processing and mapped these directly to NetSuite (in this case Matrix items).

As we talk with more NetSuite customers, we are discovering the SEO issues is a REALLY BIG DEAL. A number of NetSuite customers have seen their SEO drop off dramatically when using 3rd party search solutions. And now, they are talking to us!

And the timing is great with NetSuite SuiteWorld coming up next week in San Francisco. NetSuite Ecommerce customers, stop by and we will show you how we solve the 3rd party search SEO issue.

Congradulations to InkJetSuperstore and thanks for being a great customer.  Expect to see many more customer announcements in the near future.


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