Helpful Merchandising Tips for eCommerce

If you’re in the business of eCommerce then you already know how important having good eCommerce Site Search is, and you already know how important Navigation is, but what about Merchandising?  You can have all the bells and whistles to help your Search and Navigation, but if you aren’t utilizing your site as a Merchandiser, than you’re just throwing money away.

Luckily, we at EasyAsk are here to help with a few tips to make your life as a Merchandiser easier.

The first tip is stay one step ahead of your customers by mixing and matching your items.  Yes it’s nice to see those pants I was looking for, but what about a nice shirt or belt to go with them?  Try offering complete outfits as an option to a customer searching for just part of an outfit.  Cross-selling items that would complement your customer’s searches is a great way to get them to increase their average order sizes, as well as give you a chance to show off some of your products that you are trying to unload.

Another tip is to offer your customers an upgraded version of the products they are looking for.  In today’s world of peer-review-based shoppers, people are shopping more and more based off what their facebook friends or twitter friends suggest.

But what if their friends are cheap and are suggesting a “base” model for the product you are selling?

You don’t want to a customer leaving with a lesser-quality product when there’s a bigger and better one available and your customer didn’t even know it.  Up-selling is another great merchandising tool that can really increase your revenue.  If you are selling products made by competing companies and your customer is looking at Product A, which is a lesser-quality version than Product B, let them know there is a Product B available.

Cross-Selling and Up-Selling are just two of the many merchandising capabilities EasyAsk offers to help put the power in the hands of the merchandiser.

To see what else we have up our sleeve, or to see how your eCommerce site stacks up against some of the industry leaders like The North Face, Lands’ End, TrueValue Hardware and many more, visit our website or call us at 781-402-5641 for a free site evaluation.

This has about another helpful tip from your friendly, neighborhood EasyAsk.


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