Ebay App Proves Mobile Shopping is Changing the Game

With the introduction of Smart-phones and Tablets, eCommerce business has changed dramatically.  Gone are the days of people shopping only on their desktops and laptops.  People today shop on-the-go, and you can either get with the program, or go the way of the dinosaurs.

Is your business ready for this evolution?

Online-shopping Giant, eBay, DOUBLED their Mobile-Commerce revenue in 2012 from their numbers in 2011*.  Their mobile-app appears on over 120 million smart-phones and tablets.  Now, to be fair, having a mobile-app, as well as a partnership with PayPal, certainly helps increase those mobile-commerce numbers (PayPal’s mobile payments increased over 250 percent from 2011 to 2012)*.  But the numbers wouldn’t even be possible without people deciding to use their smart-phones and tablets to shop online.

If you go the way of the dinosaurs, then you are ignoring Mobile Commerce, and are continuing to rely strictly on traditional eCommerce shopping.  That means overrating Navigation and underrating “the Search Box”.

Let me paint a picture for you: You’re in a retail store, and you see a product you’d like to buy… But the price is a little too high for you.  What do you do?  In the past you either swallowed it and paid that price, drove around and went somewhere else, or maybe you went home, fired up the desktop, searched online and hopefully found it for a cheaper price.

Today, that is not the case.

Nowadays people are searching online while never leaving the store, whether through an app on your smart-phone, or by searching on a mobile-site… If the company has one.  Notice I said SEARCHING, not NAVIGATING, because with a 4-inch screen, Navigation is tedious and annoying.

You need a mobile site that understands the way today’s customers think and act.  And you need a site that utilizes eCommerce Site Search to the best of its abilities.  Keyword Search simply cannot do that.  But Natural Language Search understands the intent and context of the entire search request, does wonders with long-tail searches, and understands price constraints.

To see how your Mobile Site and eCommerce Site stack up to those that use Natural Language Search, contact us at 781-402-5641, or visit our website.


*(Numbers for eBay and PayPal received from “Showrooming Shoppers Send eBay Soaring” by Rachelle Dragani)


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