EasyAsk – The Evolution of Mobile Commerce with Amazon-like Voice Search

EasyAsk Technologies is increasing its reach to retailers who need a stronger solution in the mobile commerce (mCommerce) space. EasyAsk’s genius search and merchandising technology is in lockstep with the current mobile, voice-enabled trend toward mCommerce.voice-to-text

Per Internet Retailer, EasyAsk is the industry leader for advanced, intuitive search, enabling a Siri-like voice interface for Smartphone shopping. EasyAsk’s natural language search and voice functionality offers retailers the elegance of a User Experience that will delight their customers who, in turn, will return to purchase from their site again and again.

Forrester Research forecasts growth in the mCommerce market from $250B in 2014 to over $400B by 2018, in response EasyAsk is dramatically expanding sales and marketing to meet the needs and the demand of retailers who want to increase their mCommerce revenues.

What makes EasyAsk different?

Shoppers go to the website they want to browse and simply speak and ask for the exact product they need in their natural speaking voice.

EasyAsk delivers the right product on the first page, every time, providing an enhanced natural alternative to the frustration of navigating with little buttons or pulldown menus on a small smartphone screen.

Delighted shoppers simply speak, select, and purchase!

It’s easier for the merchandiser, too. The EasyAsk solution can be implemented, deployed and maintained much more easily than its competitors. The retailer will recognize significantly higher eCommerce revenue while simultaneously simplifying their time and effort in managing the tool.

With over 400 pre-eminent customers already under their belt, EasyAsk has a proven track record of providing this valuable service to companies including The North Face, JJill and others, and is looking to expand its reach into an even broader base. EasyAsk, ranked just behind Oracle and Adobe in eCommerce search, is committed to dedicating sales and marketing resources on the Magento and IBM WebSphere platforms, to attract retailers and engage partners to ensure a high growth and return on investment for our investors.

EasyAsk’s CEO, Craig Bassin, says, ‘There’s a paradigm shift happening in eCommerce search. Shoppers want to be able to find products on whatever device they like. Nothing exemplifies the power of advanced semantic search like hitting one button on your smartphone, speaking and finding the exact products you’re looking for. No other eCommerce search solution combines Einstein’s advanced semantic, Natural Language UX with the flexibility to deploy either on-site or in the cloud. The mobile market is exploding and we’re ramping up to meet the demand.”


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