EasyAsk Takes Autocomplete To The Next Level With Search-as-you-Type, or SayT









This week at IRCE 2013, EasyAsk unveiled a new way to search for products. The new Search-as-you-Type (SayT) brings shoppers one step closer to getting the right product on the first page. When EasyAsk eCommerce search is powering a site, as you begin to type in the search box, a drop down area opens guiding you with smarter search suggestions, better instant product results with images & also category + attribute guided navigation.

Have you ever been to a commerce website, typed something into the search box and received many pages of results, not showing what you were looking for? SayT fixes that!

Available now, new SayT with navigation is available free to all existing EasyAsk customers, and anyone switching to EasyAsk by September 30, 2013. This feature works with both the cloud based SaaS and installed versions of EasyAsk eCommerce Search.


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