EasyAsk Offers Replacement Program for Google Commerce Customers

Free Implementation offered to the first FIVE companies to contact EasyAsk

With the revealing of Google ending their Google Commerce Search at the end of 2013, EasyAsk is offering a way to simplify the lives of Google Commerce Customers by offering a replacement program.  The program provides these customers with improved eCommerce Site Search, Navigation and Merchandising.  These replacements will help Google Commerce Customers keep and in most cases, increase their conversion rates, resulting in higher revenue and increased profits.

Over the last year or so, the search industry has undergone enormous changes as Natural Language/Semantic Search has proven to be more advanced than Keyword Search. Companies like IBM (Watson), Apple (Siri), and Google’s Internet Search (Semantic Search), have all deployed smarter search algorithms that don’t rely on keyword search.

EasyAsk has lead the industry since 2001 in providing the fastest, most accurate search results for online shoppers.  Using Natural Language technology to understand the entire intent and context of the search request. the results are dramatically more accurate search results and significantly higher conversion rates, which lead to increased revenues and profits.

EasyAsk customers include well-known brands such as The North Face, Lands’ End, True Value Hardware and many more.  And EasyAsk is platform agnostic, deployed on any eCommerce environment, including Websphere Commerce, Magento, Netsuite SuiteCommerce, and others.

To take advantage of EasyAsk’s Google Commerce Search Replacement Program, please call 781-402-5641 or register on our website.


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