EasyAsk Introduces eCommerce Mobile Edition

EasyAsk, an industry-leading provider of natural language search and analysis software for e-commerce Websites and corporate applications, today announced EasyAsk eCommerce Mobile Edition, a mobile web application platform that delivers a tailored e-commerce search experience for mobile online shoppers. EasyAsk Mobile Edition is powered by EasyAsk’s industry-leading e-commerce search, navigation and merchandising platform. With EasyAsk eCommerce Mobile Edition, e-commerce companies can cost-effectively expand into mobile commerce, while offering mobile-optimized search, cross-sell and up-sell merchandising capabilities that convert mobile prospects into buyers and bridge them to brick-and-mortar stores. The announcement is being made at the Internet Retailer 2010 Conference.

According to ABIresearch, a leading technology marketing intelligence provider, shoppers around the world are expected to spend about $119 billion on goods and services purchased via mobile phones by 2015 – a figure that will represent about 8% of the total e-commerce market. To be successful, a mobile e-commerce presence needs to be more than a re-purposed web site – it need to take advantage of the mobile ecosystem and services, while offering a seamless customer experience across all channels – web and mobile – including a common e-commerce search, navigation and merchandising platform.

“The ever increasing sophistication of smart phones presents a real and growing opportunity for our e-commerce customers,” said Craig Bassin, EasyAsk CEO. “With EasyAsk eCommerce Mobile we provide an optimized mobile delivery platform that leverages a unified set of e-commerce search, navigation and merchandising services for a consistent customer experience and cost-effective infrastructure.”

EasyAsk eCommerce Mobile is a mobile web application platform that enables e-commerce companies to deliver a complete mobile experience to their customers, not just a shrunken version of their current website. It includes mobile-optimized e-commerce search, navigation and merchandising services. EasyAsk Mobile Edition offers the following key features to deliver a superior mobile customer experience:

  • EasyAsk eCommerce Mobile delivers customized mobile web pages, integrating powerful e-commerce search, navigation and merchandising directly into these pages. Mobile visitors are automatically detected and routed to the mobile version of the site, delivering a unique experience.
  • EasyAsk eCommerce Mobile optimizes the experience to the specific handset by detecting the model of the phone, matching it with a database of thousands of handsets, and uniquely optimizing the user experience to the capability of the consumer handset.
  • EasyAsk eCommerce Mobile is integrated with the services from the main website for cross promotions, such as finding specific items in the brick-and-mortar store where customers can touch and feel products. It also enables delivery of discount or cross-sell offers to the phone, enticing immediate, and even larger, in-store purchases.
  • The EasyAsk Commerce Studio enables e-commerce companies to tailor product presentation, offers and other merchandising attributes for the mobile environment, and the EasyAsk Search Analytics enable marketers to monitor and adjust search characteristics specifically for the mobile web.

EasyAsk eCommerce Mobile Edition was developed in conjunction with Unbound Commerce, a leader in mobile e-commerce solutions, and an EasyAsk strategic partner.

EasyAsk eCommerce Edition’s website search, navigation, and merchandising software uses innovative natural language search technology to help companies boost e-commerce revenue and strengthen relationships with customers. According to Nielsen NetRatings, sites that use EasyAsk have the highest conversion rates in the industry, resulting in an increase in sales and higher revenue per customer. With EasyAsk eCommerce Edition, online customers can find what they are looking for up to 10 times faster. Marketers using EasyAsk have direct control to merchandise their products, and turn browsers into buyers. EasyAsk eCommerce Edition customers include The GAP, Coldwater Creek, Lands End, Rockler, Lillian Vernon, JJill, Smart Bargains and Travers Tool Co.


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