EasyAsk for Websphere Commerce White Paper

Why settle for bad search? Why have static, hard to use online merchandising options that are impossible for your merchandisers to use.

EasyAsk uses natural language technology to make your e-commerce search easier to manage while giving your e-commerce site the best search box, most flexible navigation and easiest to use merchandising tools in the industry.

The secret is the natural language technology core used by EasyAsk. It delivers a more powerful search box where customers get to the exact products they want faster, a greater number of guided navigation options built automatically from your product catalog, and easy to use merchandising tools so merchandisers can manage offers and promotions on their own, without the help of IT staff and making the site more agile.

Click the button below to download our white paper: Deliver a Richer Shopping Experience on Websphere Commerce with EasyAsk.


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