EasyAsk and Magento Partner to Bring Intuitive, Intelligent and Voice-Enabled Mobile Search to Market

From EasyAsk’s industry’s best search and voice-enabled mobile search, Magento customers benefit via increased customer conversion rates and online revenue

Burlington, MA – October 13, 2014 – EasyAsk, the leading site search solution for e-commerce, mobile commerce and B2B commerce, has been named a silver Magento E-Commerce Technology Partner. Through this partnership, EasyAsk and Magento will jointly market EasyAsk’s industry’s best e-commerce search, navigation and merchandising solution and the two companies will work together to further integrate EasyAsk into the Magento platform.

EasyAsk’s industry leading e-commerce search solution and Magento Connector is already used by leading Magento customers worldwide including the North Face EMEA, Anna’s Linens, Sonic Sense, Gretchen Scott Designs, DAZ 3D, Canada’s Motorcycle, Blauer, HD Tracks, Eckler’s and Schuler Shoes. Prominent Magento integrators such as Zeon Solutions and Hara Partners are already partnering with EasyAsk to deliver richer e-commerce sites for their customers based on the EasyAsk solution.

Only EasyAsk provides an intelligent, intuitive search capability that enables mobile shoppers to just speak into their mobile devices (similar to Google Now or Siri), search a mobile commerce site, and find exactly what they are looking for. EasyAsk eliminates the need to type searches with clumsy mobile keypads and navigate using a small touchscreen.

EasyAsk’s natural language technology truly delivers the best search box in the industry, as well as richer navigation and easy to use online merchandising. Other search suppliers claim to have “better search, but they are based on obsolete keyword search technology that cannot come close to delivering the results EasyAsk can.

Quotes from some of the Magento customers that have deployed EasyAsk show the customer experience improvement and business result gains from the solution:

Chris Todd, The North Face EMEA:
“EasyAsk allows our customers to find the right products quickly and efficiently. The resultant uplift in conversion rates and revenue – a 35% increase in search conversions and a 24% increase in revenue from search – has been extremely positive.”

Preston Smit, Technical Director at Sonic Sense:
“EasyAsk’s natural language technology has given our customers the ability to find any product quickly to streamline purchases. EasyAsk’s integration with our Magento catalog and easy-to-use tools allowed us to deploy the most extensive and flexible search capability possible”.

Lloyd Buchanan, Owner of Gretchen Scott Designs:
“We needed a powerful tool to improve the online experience for our customers. Intuitive search can be difficult to achieve using Magento and we wanted a search solution that would require minimal set-up. The Search As You Type (SayT) feature and advanced natural language processing capability makes it incredibly easy for our users to navigate to the exact items they are after in a single click or by using a long tail search query, whether that be a wide selection of cotton dresses, or a very specific long sleeved blue summer dress.”

The EasyAsk Connector for Magento seamlessly integrates the best-in-class EasyAsk search, navigation and merchandising services into the Magento platform and e-commerce sites based on Magento. EasyAsk e-commerce site search, navigation and merchandising delivers the following capabilities and benefits to Magento customers:

  • Highly accurate and precise e-commerce search allowing online shoppers to find products faster and convert more easily and often,
  • Voice-enabled mobile search that allows shoppers to speak their searches to the m-commerce site for an engaging mobile shopping experience,
  • Direct integration with the Magento product catalog, categories and attributes for fast, easy implementation
  • Advanced visual Search-as-you-Type (SayT) auto-suggestion that displays product, search and category suggestions to convert customers directly from the search box,
  • Support for “derived attributes” that allow you to create new categories and facets without the time and cost of restructuring your Magento catalog,
  • Seamless integration into the Magento site display with no API programming for rapid implementation and easy change,
  • A dynamic navigation plug-in that supports the selection of multiple attributes for faster navigation to products by visitors,
  • An easy to use merchandising studio that allows merchandisers to define and rollout promotions without IT support, speeding time to market and reducing IT costs,
  • Full internationalization and localization which enables the simultaneous rollout on sites in different languages and countries.

“We are excited to have a closer partnership with Magento and bring the customer conversion benefits of the EasyAsk search solution to additional Magento customers,” said Craig Bassin, CEO of EasyAsk. “Adding EasyAsk provides significant capabilities in terms of search functionality and accuracy, which benefits the e-retailer through a better shopping experience and higher customer conversion. Simply look at the results our customers have seen and you will know why they chose EasyAsk.”

About EasyAsk

EasyAsk is the leading provider of e-commerce site search, navigation and merchandising solutions for e-retail, mobile commerce and B2B commerce. EasyAsk products go far beyond traditional site search, providing unprecedented accuracy and precision to deliver the right products on the first page every time. EasyAsk voice mobile search gives the freedom of speech to shoppers on mobile commerce sites, allowing them to search by speaking to their mobile device. Customers that use the EasyAsk software see a tremendous boost in online revenue through increased conversion rates, improved customer experience and agile merchandising. Based in Burlington, Massachusetts, with offices in Europe, the EasyAsk solutions are used by leading e-retailers and e-commerce sites such as The North Face, Samsonite, Anna’s Linens, Journey’s, Aramark, JJill, True Value, Andertons Music and Sonic Sense. For further information please visit


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