E-Commerce Search & Merchandising ABCs: The Essential Guide

A recent report from Aberdeen Group found that retailers implementing “Best In Class” e-commerce search and merchandising increased year-over-year average order value by 20%, had a 10% higher net profit margin than the industry average and  had an  average online conversion rate of 6% vs. the industry average of 4%.

The investment in “Best In Class” e-commerce and merchandising is easy to justify.
  • For a smaller retailer with 10,000 visitors per day and an average order size of $50, a conversion rate increase from 4% to 6% can mean an increase in annual revenue of $3.6 million.
  • For a large retailer with 100,000 visitors a day and average purchase price of $120, a conversion rate increase from 4% to 6% can mean an increase of $87 million a year.

Please fill out the form on the right to download our white paper: The ABCs of E-Commerce Search. This white paper will discuss the essential search and merchandising features needed to achieve these better results through search and merchandising for your e-commerce site.


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